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Saint Social Burn Bright On Don’t Let The Fire Die EP

The Gulf Coast alt-rockers dig deep to connect with listeners on their debut EP.

Saint Social light a torch in the darkness on their powerful new EP Don’t Let The Fire Die — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Don’t Let The Fire Die is an EP that showcases the Gulf Coast band’s enthusiasm and vulnerability, melding upbeat instrumentals and meaningful lyrics. “I think sometimes you have to dance your way out of the abyss,” says lead singer Quinn Erwin. As a whole, the record showcases the deep history behind the band and expresses who they really are and want to be. “Together, these songs are kind of a thesis or our statement of intent.”

The EP opens with the title track, which explores joy as a form of rebellion and resistance. “Don’t Let The Fire Die is a song about clapping back at the darkness and fighting to hold onto hope when you’re standing in the trenches and it feels impossible to get out,” explains Erwin, who both wrote and produced the track. Swagger, released as the band’s lead single, is a timeless rock anthem that combines electrifying guitar riffs, dynamic full-band arrangement, and captivating vocals while infusing a fresh, modern twist. The song pulls on the idea of never giving in to societal expectations but instead living an authentic life even if it seems like the world is against you.

Remember? is a reflective track that jumps into feelings of looking into the past and wondering if you should’ve done things differently. It explores the notion that sometimes things have to get worse to get better, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not ultimately on the right path. Be There allows the listener to come up for air and delves into the commitment to love regardless of the bumpy road to getting there. The funky and almost beachy music on this song gives an uplifting and optimistic feeling to the finale of the EP, reminding the listener that everything is going to be OK even when life gets hard.

“We could not be more excited to put out a proper collection of our songs to give our fans a more well-rounded picture of what our sound represents,” the band explain. “We took our time playing these songs live over the last couple of years to ‘own’ them so that when we brought them into the studio, they would be a true, ‘lived-in’ representation of what people would experience at a show — they had to be right. It also gave us time to gauge how people were reacting to them before we hit record.” Don’t Let The Fire Die was mixed by Hunter West (Little Image, New Respects) and mastered by Joe Causey (Switchfoot, Dandy Warhols) at Voyager Mastering.

Saint Social are an indie rock-band comprised of lifelong friends Erwin, Bryan Bourque and Justin Gollott. The group’s eclectic sound is a result of their different life experiences and struggles. While Bourque and Gollott balanced careers and Biloxi-based gigs, Erwin had found success with his band Afterlife Parade. However, after moving to Florida, he found himself playing with his old friends again to create Saint Social. The band pull on influences from The Killers, Kings of Leon, The Strokes, U2 and Coldplay while adding their own twist of nostalgia. Despite residing across a four-hour radius from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to the Florida Panhandle and Birmingham, the band’s dedication to their friendship and music remains unwavering.

Listen to Don’t Let The Fire Die below, and follow Saint Social on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.