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Elvis Costello | Armed Forces Promo Poster

I wasn't smart enough to see him early on, but I was sharp enough to snag this.

Unlike many of my friends, I was too dumb to go see Elvis Costello when he toured Canada with the original Attractions shortly after he put out his first album My Aim is True. Been kicking myself for that one ever since.

But I have seen him a couple of times since then — including a stellar performance at the Winnipeg Folk Festival several years back. And as I’ve written about elsewhere, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing him a couple of times and found him to be pretty sharp. And I was smart enough to snag this snazzy promo poster for his third album Armed Forces back in the day. It’s a little bit worse for wear, but it’s still held up pretty well. If you’re a bigger fan than I was and would like to get your hands on it,email me. I’d be willing to sell it to you. UPDATE: This poster has been sold.