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Margaret Maria Champions Social Change Through Musical Innovation

The groundbreaking cellist & composer has a full slate of events on the schedule.

Margaret Maria, a visionary innovator, creator, music producer, composer, cellist, and educator, is on a mission to advocate for programs and initiatives that “change the world”, through her musical endeavours. Renowned for her innovative compositions and masterful cello performances, Maria is set to launch an event showcasing her talent for pushing the boundaries of music, creativity and nudging the needle forward for social change.

Earlier this month, Maria performed her original song Music Can Change the World with soul/reggae singer Tréson at the book launch. The event celebrated Maria’s contributions to OrKidstra and achievement in the book Canadians Who Innovate: The Trailblazers and Ideas that are Changing the World by Roseann O’Reilly Runte, published by Simon and Schuster.

On May 25, Maria will be joined by pianist Bill Gilliam, performing Marbyllia (her spontaneous music with Gilliam) in Ottawa at an event benefiting the SuzukiMusic cello program, where Maria also teaches. From July 17 to 31, Margaret Maria will lead the BIIMA Creativity, Improv, and Composition Retreat in Breno, Italy. Guiding participants through a transformative journey of musical exploration and discovery. Here she will share her life experiences and innovative approaches to composition and improvisation. Join her in Italy as she nurtures the creative process and empowers others to unlock their artistic potential.

With a diverse portfolio spanning 16 studio albums, collaborative projects, and educational initiatives, she continues to inspire and uplift audiences around the globe. From her early days as a cellist with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra to her recent forays into composition and education, Maria delves deep into the soul of her music, seeking to inspire meaningful connections.

Hear more from Margaret Maria below and get more information on her website.