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Late-Night TV Music (JKL FTW Edition) | Oct. 14/15, 2019

Jimmy welcomes Thom Yorke, Morris Day and Snoop Dogg. Not bad for a slow week.

As you may have noticed, it’s a slow week in late-night TV — most of the talk shows are off in the wake of the long weekend. In fact, only Jimmy Kimmel is still on the job. And give him credit; even though he’s the only game in town, he’s still playing to win. Instead of the usual string of pop stars flogging their latest singles, Jimmy played host to Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and his solo project Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, who performed a mesmerizing trio of songs from Yorke’s recent Anima EP. Check out Traffic above, and the two-fer of Twist and Dawn Chorus below. Between the twitchy beats, scratchy graphics and underlit atmosphere, it’s not unlike sitting through a laserium show while tripping on cough syrup during a bout of the flu. Or maybe I’m overthinking it. In any case, it might be the best musical performance you see on late night this week. Though Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance by The Time’s legendary leader Morris Day — who welcomed none other than Snoop Dogg during his aptly named Lil Mo Funk — might not be far behind. Not bad for a slow week. Not bad at all.