Valentina Cherico Shares A Simple Request: Teach Me How To Love Again

The Pittsburgh singer-songwriter waits for romance’s return in her new single & video.

Valentina Cherico learns some hard romantic lessons in her new single and video Teach Me To Love Again — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

They say time can heal a broken heart, but sometimes the pain can seem like too much to bear — as the Pittsburgh singer-songwriter makes clear in her new lament. A gentle piano and Cherico’s soft, vulnerable vocals start the song as she looks back on the pain she has endured and wonders if it will ever end. Soon, Cherico’s vocals take on a beautiful tone that leads into the chorus that asks how she will know when true love finds her:

“My heart can’t take no more
I open one more door
But nobody’s there
How will I know?
How will I feel
When the time is right for me?”

Cherico’s angelic voice gradually grows more powerful and combines with the softer tones from earlier to showcase her range. Her vocals and the song’s lyrics are reminiscent of one of Cherico’s artistic influences, the late Selena Quintanilla and her song I Could Fall In Love With You.

“I wrote Teach Me How To Love Again at a time where I felt very lost,” Cherico says. “My heart was broken by people who I trusted and loved. I thought that I would never meet someone who would love me or treat me right.”

The single is complemented by an intimate video that captures Cherico’s search for true love and the helplessness she feels while trying to do so. “This song and music video is dedicated to anyone that has lost love, or has given up in believing that true love even exists. This song is to encourage those people that you are not alone in your search.”

A native of Pittsburgh with a musical family, Cherico grew up watching her father and older sister perform in a group called Casanova. Not surprisingly, she eventually joined the family business. But from a young age, Cherico also had an interest in acting, attending a performing arts school before appearing in musicals. She recorded her first original song, There’s No Stopping Me, with Grammy-nominated, award-winning producer Roy Hamilton III in 2021. The following year, she released the Latin-pop single Believe In Yourself.

Watch the video for Teach Me How To Love Again above, sample more music from Valentina Cherico below, and find her at her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.