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Next Week in Music | Oct. 30 – Nov. 5 • The Long List: 460+ Releases On The Way

All the new releases heading for your playlist in the coming days — and then some.

Today in celebrity anniversaries: Slide guitar master Duane Allman died in a motorcycle crash in 1971 at the age of 24 in Macon, Georgia; Bob Dylan accepted the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016; The Who released the single My Generation in 1965, and Quiet Riot singer Kevin DuBrow and Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green were both in 1955 and 1946, respectively. While you put together that playlist, take a spin through all the albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week:



Kevin Abstract | Blanket
Acidgvrl | Urami (w/ Yûmi)
AcidSitter | Make Acid Great Again
Actress | LXXXVIII
Hunter R. Adams | I Will Always Come Back
Aeonian Sorrow | Katara
AJR | The Maybe Man
The Alchemist | Flying High 2
Jason Aldean | Highway Desperado
Joey Alexander | Continuance
Alice Et Moi | Photographie
Phil Alvin | Un “Sung Stories” Reissue
American Jetset | Slay Bell Singles
Amor Muere | A Time To Love, A Time To Die
Anatolian Weapons | Earth
Beatrice Andrews | Skin And Bones
Angra | Cycles Of Pain
Animal Hospital | Shelf Life
Anthéne & David Cordero | Lost Under the Sea
Aprxel | Tapetumlucidum<3
Archie the Goldfish | Archiefishal Intelligence
Dove Armitage | Concernless EP
ArmstrongWW | Thinking In Color EP
J. Arrr | Hoop Dreams 3
Asbestos Worker X Naw | Split
Ashywuff | I Still Pretend You’re Here
Asteroid Witch / Greenseeker | Split EP
Atari | Sweet & Sour
Atka | The Eye Against the Ashen Sky EP
Atreyu | A Torch In The Dark EP
August, Yours Truly | The Year of Pornography
Autarkh | Emergent
Dina Ayada | Superstar
Pede B | Mercur
Badge Époque Ensemble | Air, Light & Harmony
Bad Wolves | Die About It
Bai Sha Jaws | The Dawn After
Baked & The Zells | Queensburgh: A Baked & Zells Split
Tom Ball | Curtain Call
The Bamboos | This Is How You Do It
Bang The Party I Feel Good All Over
Bar Italia | The Twits
The Beatles | Now And Then Single
Beckahesten & Kai Uwe Faust | Fu​ß​reise
Beekeeper Spaceman | Beekeeper Spaceman
Belle and Sebastian | The Boy With The Arab Strap (25th Anniversary Edition)
Benny The Butcher | Everybody Can’t Go
Cash Bently | Cash Corridos 3
Charles Bernstein | April Fool’s Day Soundtrack Deluxe Edition
Laure Betris | Colline De Pierre
Between Mermaids And Me | HMS Beagle (Sleep Party People Remix)
Gabriel Birnbaum | Nightwater: All The Dead Do Is Dream
William John Titus Bishop | För Sent för Edelweiss
Black Grape | Orange Head
The Blasters | Mandatory: The Best Of The Blasters
Blinker The Star | Animal Math
Blurum13 & Inkswel | Hypersonic
Suzy Bogguss | Prayin’ For Sunshine
Bonanza of Doom | Bonanza of Doom
Booker T. & The M.G.’s | In the Christmas Spirit Vinyl Reissue
Brandski | Moonrider
Breeze | Golden Season
Michelle Berting Brett | Jazz, Torch & Ancient Pop
Brigitte Calls Me Baby | This House Is Made Of Corners EP
Briqueville | IIII
Jimmy Buffett | Equal Strain On All Parts
El Búho | Strata
Los Bunkers | Noviembre
Kenny Burrell | K.B. Blues Reissue
Jennifer Butler | One More Way to See
Eugene Carchesio + Adam Betts | Circle Drum Music
Carnation | Cursed Mortality
Daniel Carter | Open Question Vol. 2
Zooey Celeste | Restless Thoughts
Che | Crueger
Cher | Believe 25th Anniversary Edition
Chicago | Chicago Greatest Christmas Hits
Chrisman | Dozage
Chrome | Blue Exposure
Sol ChYld | Something Came To Me
Citric Dummies | Zen And The Arcade Of Beating Your Ass
Tara Clerkin Trio | On The Turning Ground
Closet Witch | Chiaroscuro
Cold War Kids | Cold War Kids
Pascal Comelade & The Limiñanas | Boom Boom
The Convalescence | Harvesters Of Flesh And Bone
David Cordero & Rhucle | Summer Chronicles
Chick Corea Elektric Band | The Future Is Now
Count Dubula | Catch 22 / Ricochet
Credsz | Stayconnected.mp4
Crystal Fighters | Light +
Devin Cuddy Band | Dear Jane
Cunningham / Shiroishi / Ackerley / Smith | [five lines indecipherable]
David Curington | Five Mathematical Poems
Dame Zina | Fairytales
Daniel, Me Estás Matando | Como Arruinarte La Vida
Darko | Rampage
Charlène Darling | La Porte
Datura4 | Invisible Hits
Sarah Davachi | Long Gradus
Mikaela Davis | Our Creepy Eep Hour
Deathcrash | Less+
Jessie James Decker | Decker the Halls EP
Deep October | The World Doesn’t Deserve You
Deully | This Is It
Diamondsonmydick | Alucard
Robert Dietz | RIP To My Idea Of You
Sonny Digital | Dolores Son
Colapesce Dimartino | Lux Eterna Beach
Dionysos | L’Extraordinarium
Dirty Honey | Can’t Find the Brakes
Dirty Nice | Surrenderland
Micky Dolenz | Dolenz Sings R.E.M. EP
Tashi Dorji | Guitar Improvisations Reissue
Tashi Dorji | Tashi Dorji Reissue
Kevin Drew | Aging (Digital Release)
Drop Nineteens | Hard Light
Jack Droppers & The Best Intentions | Scooter
Dying Wish | Symptoms of Survival
Earth | Earth 2​.​23 Special Lower Frequency Version 30th Anniversary Edition
East Low Ends | Dungeons Of Miami
Jonn Eckhardt | Palaeodubfolk
William Eggleston | 512
EJRM | Into the Abyss
Elaquent | Rediscovery
Eliza | Live At Rak Studios
Elliott BROOD | Town
The Embassy | E-Numbers
Emorave | Evergrace
Empty Country | Empty Country II
Enola | All Is Forgiven
EQ Why | Dance Floor
Ericdoa | Dancinwitsomebawdy
Ernie | Cold Cuts EP
Ester | Laundry EP
Ex Norwegian | Sooo Extra
Exploding Pig | Jazz Futura
Explosions In The Sky | The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place Anniversary Edition
Explosions In The Sky | Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever Anniversary Edition
Faidra | Militant : Penitent : Triumphant
The Fair Attempts | Beyond the Edge of Nowhere
Rick Farin | Chaos Play EP
Fear Not Ourselves Alone | Dead Dog Paradise (Or Life Like Parasites?)
Zack Fénar | Candy Waves
Beatriz Ferreyra | UFO Forest +
15 15 | Ataheva EP
54•40 | West Coast Band
Fin Del Mundo | Todo Va Hacia El Mar
Chloe Flower | Chloe Hearts Christmas
Flying Raccoon Suit | Moonflower
Fortunato Durutti Marinetti | Eight Waves In Search Of An Ocean
David Fostex | Dark Yacht
Foul Body Autopsy | Crucifix Dreams
Foxing | The Albatross: Ten Years
Neal Francis | Francis Comes Alive
Storm Franklin | Loneliness In The Modern World
Michael Franti & Spearhead | Big Big Love
Freez | Icebreaker
Fuming Mouth | Last Day of Sun
The Fusion Syndicate | Beautiful Horizon
Future | Future Vinyl Reissue
Future | Hndrxx Vinyl Reissue
Future | Purple Reign Vinyl Reissue
Ben Gage | Two Singing Songs
Alan Ginsberg | The Lion For Real, Re-born Reissue
Girl And Girl | Fight Night EP
Gong | Unending Ascending
Geordie Gordon | Tambourine
Gozer | The Path Always Leads To The End
Grasa | Shy Shy
Emily Green | Outrunning The Animal EP
Grant Green | Live At Club Mozambique Reissue
Joey Green | Heart Lessons
Hayes Greenfield & Dean Johnson | Lover To You
Green Lung | This Heathen Land
Gurl | Maybe We’re not Kids Anymore/
Gutter Creek | Fangs To The Face
Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite | Get Up! Vinyl Reissue
Hataałii | Singing Into Darkness Expanded Edition
James Heather | Reworks: Vol2
HeeJin | K
Hellcoil | Demon Rocks
Hermano | …Only A Suggestion Reissue
Delilah Holliday | Invaluable Vol. 1 & 2
William Hooker | Flesh and Bones
Niall Horan | The Show: The Encore
Hotline TNT | Cartwheel
Danielle Howle | Current
Hus KingPin | Slime Wave 2
Ice-T | The Legend of Ice-T: Crime Stories
Sariyah Idan | Glitter & Blood
Ignited Musician | Unidentified Killers
Ill Peach | This Is Not An Exit
Insomnium | Songs Of The Dusk EP
INTeLL & Shaka Amazulu The 7th | Aware Wolf
In The Pines | Painting By Numbers
Alya Isha x Insula | diaSpoRia
Jean-Michel Jarre | Oxymoreworks
Shooter Jennings & The Werewolves of Los Angeles | Do Zevon
Jockstrap | I<3uqtinvu
Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre | Call Me Animal: A Tribute to the MC5
Billy Joel | The Vinyl Collection, Vol. 2
Alan Johnson | Ten Year Tonnage
Cody Johnson | Leather
Jord | Tundra
Majid Jordan | Good People
Russell Joslin & High Black Water | O Veisalgia
Joy (Anonymous) | Cult Classics
Juando | Doble Espresso
Kambanane | Nyatiti music from Kenya 1970 – 1985
Kelpe | Pre​-​Sea Recordings (1999​-​2002)
Keys N Krates | In: Tension
Kill The King | Kill The King
King Creosote | I Des
Kovács Kristóf | Iskola
Kite | Don’t Take the Light Away / Remember Me
Christian Kjellvander | Hold Your Love Still
Zoe Ko | Baby Teeth
Kontrust | Madworld
Jung Kook | Golden
Krypta | Outo Iaakso
Kutlo | Cyber Pleasure
Kwes. | Rye Lane Score
Labasheeda | Blueprints
Lac | Wawi
Dylan Lardelli & Ensemble Klangrauschen | Two Bells
Laufey | Bewitched (Spooky Edition)
Leatherette | Small Talk
Angel Lee ft. Hayley Smith | I Want (inc. Fossatti Remix)
Lef | Melodic Utopia
Jade LeMac | Confessions
Lisa Lerkenfeldt | Halos of Perception
Light Beams | Wild Life
Lil John F Kennedy Was Killed By The C.I.A. | I Am Banned From The Airport
Limbo District | Rhythm Forward +2
Dua Lipa | Training Session Single
Liska | It Girl
Bruce Liu | Waves
Liza Anne | Utopian
Low End Resorts | Dungeons Of Miami
Lucid Lucia / Various Artists | Remixes
The Lunar Laugh | In The Black
The Lyrical Miracles | The Lyrical Store
Seth MacFarlane and Liz Gillies | We Wish You The Merriest
Magnetic Skies | Falling
Tkay Maidza | Sweet Justice
Malneezy | Whatever, It’s Fun
Manipulator | Drawing Secret Circles
Agnes Manners | Peace and Why I Didn’t Think I Deserved It or Needed It Anyway
Mansionz | Mansionz 2
Oblako Maranta | Trance Beckenbauer
Brad Marino | Grin And Bear It
Bob Marley & The Wailers | Catch A Fire 50th Anniversary Edition
Johnny Marr | Spirit Power: The Best of Johnny Marr
Marshmello | Sugar Papi
Jeffrey Martin | Thank God We Left The Garden
Meagre Martin | Gut Punch
Massive Scar Era | Metal Goes Egyptian
Al Matcott | Summer’s Coming
Matmos | Return To Archive
Dave Matthews Band | Before These Crowded Streets Vinyl Reissue
Christine McVie | Christine McVie Reissue
Christine McVie | In the Meantime Reissue
Meant. | This Is How Much
Adela Mede | Ne L​é​pj a Vir​á​gra
Megan Thee Stallion | Cobra
Melancholia | Book Of Ruination
Hailu Mergia | Pioneer Works Swing: Live
Mermaidens | Mermaidens
Merzbow | Cafe Oto
Ava Mirzadegan | Dark Dark Blue
MLRU | Talk About It
Sen Morimoto | Diagnosis
Morne | Engraved With Pain
Van Morrison | Accentuate The Positive
Mortuary Drape | Black Mirror
Motörhead | Another Perfect Day 40th Anniversary Edition
Move 78 | Grains
Mugshot | Cold Will
MyGo!!!!! | Meisekiha
Nightmarer | Deformity Adrift: Reformed
Ndox Electrique | Tëdd ak Mame Coumba Lamba ak Mame Coumba Mbang
NecroticGoreBeast | Repugnant
Bill Nelson | All The Fun Of The Fair
Willie Nelson | Greatest Hits
Erik Nervous | Immaturity
Nervous Gender | Music From Hell
New Kids On The Block | The Block Revisited
Sam Newsome & Jean-Michel Pilc | Cosmic Unconsciousness Unplugged
Niontay | Demon Muppy
No Drama | No Drama
Norio | Daidara Bou
Karen Nyame KG | Red EP
Oasis | The Masterplan Reissue
Obkatiekat | Stabbing In The Dark
Mary Ocher | Approaching Singularity: Music for The End of Time
Off World | 3
Old Fire | Iterations
On Being An Angel | Playin It Cool Single
Opals | Diffractions
Opus | Basic Shapes
Uden Ord | Verden Den Er Lige Her
Our Man In The Field | Gold On The Horizon
Enny Owl | Homes in Humans
Andre Ozak | Loss
Paint It Black | Famine
Paleface Swiss | The Gallow
Pallmer | Swimming
Katy J Pearson | Katy J Pearson & Friends Present Songs From The Wicker Man
Peekaboo | Eyes Wide Open
Pendulum | Anima EP
Teddy Pendergrass | This Christmas (I’d Rather Have Love) Reissue
Period Bomb | Threat
Pharma | Territory EP
Jai Piccone | Make Me Understand
Pink Siifu & Turich Benjy | It’s Too Quiet…’!!
Plague Rider | Intensities
Playfield | Magic Heart
Verneri Pohjola | Monkey Mind
Gregory Porter | Christmas Wish
Pretty Girls Make Graves | The New Romance 20th Anniversary Edition
Pro The Leader & Irie-1 | Pro & Irie
Proppa | Always On Time
Quadeca | Scrapyard II
Jo Quail | Supplication
Raise A Sulien | Revelation
DJ RaMeMes | Tamborzin de Volta Redonda
Ramineto, Gustavoegatotv | Medo
Nicole Rampersaud | Saudade
Resavoir | Resavoir
Sofía Reyes | Milamores
Rid Of Me | Access To The Lonely
Rig 1 | Separation Illusion
Ring Van Möbius | The Song That Wasn’t Actually a Song (Do They Think It​’​s Jazz​?​)
R.M.F.C. | Club Hits
Matt Rogers | Have You Heard Of Christmas?
The Ronson Hangup | Centaurus
Ynana Rose | Under A Cathedral Sky
Aria Rostami and El Joven | Jav​â​n
R.J. Roze | Rollercoaster
Run With the Kittens | Blaze Of Gordie
The Safest Ledge | Deja Vu
Saint Pepsi | Gin City / Local Singles
Salamanda | In Parallel
Sanoi | Echoes Of Home
Joe Santa Maria | Echo Deep
Satan’s Fall | Destination Destruction
School of The Gifted | Semester V: Dialog
Mahmood Schricker | Fremont Soundtrack
S Club | 7 Vinyl Reissue
S Club | Sunshine Vinyl Reissue
Penelope Scott | Girl’s Night
The Scratch | Mind Yourself
The Screaming Glasses | Candlelit Mealdeal
Seablite | Grass Stains and Novocaine Remastered
Searows | End Of The World EP
Semisonic | Little Bit of Sun
Serenity | Nemesis AD
Session Victim | Low Key, Low Pressure
Sevdaliza | Nothing Lasts Forever
Fatboi Sharif & Bigg Jus | Insomniac Missile Launcher
She The Throne | Nuntis
Mega Shinnosuke | ロックはか゛わ゛い゛い゛
Sick Boss | Businessless
Sigir | Rainmaker
Signal Faible | Nom de Domaine
Claire M Singer | Saor
Sing Leaf | Remote Hotel
Sign Libra | Hidden Beauty
Silent Planet | Superbloom
Andrey Sirotkin | Would You Rather
Sistro | Sistro
Skyway Man | Flight of the Long Distance Healer
Sleeping Bag | Pets 4: Obedience School Dropout
Slim Papi | Ch​​​â​​​teauneuf​​​​​​​-​​​​​​​du​​​​​​​-​​​​​​​Papi Vol. 3
Kelly Sloan | Insides Out
Sluice | Archiviste
The Small Square | Ours & Others
Snail Mail | Valentine Demos
Snek | 4017: Summer
Soars | Repeater
Regina Spektor | Soviet Kitsch Vinyl Reissue
Spiritbox | The Fear Of Fear
Spiral Joy Band /​ Jacob Sunderlin | Split EP
Spiritual Cramp | Spiritual Cramp
Staatseinde | De Nieuwe Golf
Static-X | Project Regeneration: Vol. 2
Hannibal Stax & PF Cuttin | Omega Supreme
Stazi | The Purge
Stegosaurus | Cause We Love You.
Marnie Stern | The Comeback Kid
Alexandra Stréliski | Néo-Romance
Strigoi | Bathed in A Black Sun
Strom|morts | Malville Superph​é​nix: The Most Dangerous Machine in the World
The Struts | Pretty Vicious
Sublime with Rome | Tangerine Skies EP
Suds | The Great Overgrowth
Suffocating Empathy | Subconscious Tides
Suffocation | Hymns from the Apocrypha
Rebecca Sugar | Spiral Bound
Superportua | Grumi
Surf | Frvrlnd
Svartanatt | Last Days On Earth
Swampmeat Family Band | Polish Your Old Halo
Ian Sweet | Sucker
Taemin | Guilty
Susie Tallman | Let’s All Sing!
TALsounds | Shift
Tearjerker | Tearjerker
Teddy<3 | Teresa
Tetragrammacide | Typho-Tantric Aphorisms From the Arachneophidian Qur’an
Thala | Twotwentytwo
There Will Be Fireworks | Summer Moon
Ella Thompson | Domino
Tiffy | So Serious
Toiret Status | He
Lol Tolhurst x Budgie x Jacknife Lee | Los Angeles
Tone | So I Can See You Remixes
Tragically Hip | Phantom Power 25th Anniversary Edition
Tränen | Haare Eines Hundes
Trans-Siberian Orchestra | Christmas Eve and Other Stories Vinyl Reissue
The Tremolo Beer Gut | Under the Influence of​.​.​. Reiissue
Trio Grande | Urban Myth
The 2sdays | Polaroid Boy
TVAM | Costasol
Sylvia Tyson | At The End Of The Day
Ufomammut | Crookhead EP
University | University EP
Univers Zero | Lueur
Unkle G | An Honest Meal
Vanish | A Hint Of So
Various Artists | ATA Records: The Library Archive Vol​​​.​​​3
Various Artists | Black & White, Vol. 1
Various Artists | Brown Acid: The Seventeenth Trip
Various Artists | Heavenly Cream: An Acoustic Tribute to Cream
Various Artists | La Cueillette Du C​è​pe Saison 1
Various Artists | Rap Sh!t: The Mixtape Season 2 Soundtrack
Various Artists | Raveningham Sound Walk
Various Artists | Syrup Moose Records: Compilation IV
Laura Veirs | Phone Orphans
Juliana Velasquez | Mar Adentro
Veruta | Forked Tongue Of Fire
Vesperian Sorrow | Awaken The Greylight
Viruette | Waylaid in Aspic EP
Viviz | Versus
Thomas Walsh | The Rest Is History
Warcrab | The Howling Silence
Watain | Die in Fire / Live in Hell
Wax Machine | The Sky Unfurls; The Dance Goes On
WayV | On My Youth
Bry Webb | Run with Me
Weeekly | ColoRise
Zoe Wees | Therapy
White Willow | Ignis Fatuus Remastered
Jack Wilson | Easterly Winds Reissue
J. Wlsn | Slipped
Winter Haze | Find Your Peace, Babygirl
With Us | Field21
Hilary Woods | Acts of Light
Jaime Wyatt | Feel Good
Xodiac | Only Fun
Yatsu | It Can’t Happen Here
Yawning Balch | Volume Two
Neil Young | Time Fades Away 50th Anniversary Vinyl
Youth Fountain | Together In Lonesome
Y2Love | Losses Into Learning
Frank Zappa | Over-Nite Sensation 50th Anniversary Edition
The Zells and Baked | Queensburgh EP

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