Low Budget Rock Star Introduce Themselves With Self-Titled Single & Lyric Video

The Manitoba trio of lifelong musicians unveil their bold new brand of arena rock.

Low Budget Rock Star follow in the footsteps of classic rockers like Bad Company, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden by releasing a self-titled song — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A small but mighty three-member group with a big purpose — to save rock ’n’ roll — the Manitoba trio’s bold brand of arena rock is the result of three music careers destined to land together.

“I’ve done it all,” says Kennie Henderson, speaking on behalf of bandmates bassist Harley Whitehead and drummer Richie Cudmore. “I’ve been playing music since I was young, but I always had something in the way: I worked various 9-5 jobs, I went to school to attain my Bachelor of Arts degree … Ultimately, it wasn’t good for me. The spirit of music relentlessly kept me awake at night and created an unhappiness that crept up on me every day. It did not let up! In the summer of 2017, I was out with some of my old bandmates when I bumped into Richie, who was out with his old bandmates. Coincidence?”

For his part, Cudmore has worked with Jim Kale (The Guess Who), Fred Turner (BTO), and Chris Burke-Gaffney (Orphan, The Pumps). “I had the luxury of a father who rented and maintained jukeboxes,” Cudmore recalls. “The hits of the day were the soundtrack to my life, and knowing the importance of flow, melody, and a catchy chorus shaped me to be a principal songwriter for bands I was in.” Bassist Whitehead also lends to the songwriting for Low Budget Rock Star, and considers himself a lifelong student of the music industry and music, in general. “When it comes to the music we write,” he notes, “we bring in personal stories that involve the everyday struggle for survival and overcoming personal demons.”

These bits and pieces of The Pas musicians’ lives have become integral parts of Low Budget Rock Star’s relatable identity. “This is a name and project that captures our spirit and heart,” Henderson offers. “It — life… music… — cannot be bypassed and lived with half-fast effort and energy; it’s a project that requires many struggles and hardships. With the song Low Budget Rock Star, we want to portray our humble — yet cheeky — attitude influenced from years of living and breathing this rock ’n’ rock philosophy and life,” he continues. “We’re three guys and the only thing in our pockets is our songs and our stories; true, gritty, silly, intimate, and flavourful with the ability to put you through a lifetime of emotions.”

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