Thursday Mixtape | More Than 150 Songs To Amaze & Amuse You (Side 2)


Things started off fairly slow today — but they sure picked up, as this collection of 150-plus singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies, unburied treasures and live performances will attest. It feels like the popsters were really working overtime today, so if that floats your boat, more power to you. Either way, you won’t find most of these treats anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🥤. Quench your thirst:



1🥤 The Vidos | Canadian Tuxedo

2🥤 Y.O.G.A. | Sober Mile

3Bre | Rather Be Alone

4🥤 Wednesday | Bath County

5Loki’s Folly | Beaches and Peaches

6Nemahsis | I Wanna Be Your Right Hand

7D4vd | Placebo Effect

8Bryden | Blood

9Claudia Bouvette | Highly Unrecommended

10Tamino & Angèle | Sunflower

11🥤 Foyer Red | Plumbers Unite!

12Cody Lawless | Hold My Hand, Maria

13Summer Salt | Campanita

14🥤 Sig & The Fire Pilots | Click Bait

15Kristen Rae Bowden | Hard to Love

16Softcult | Love Song

17Justin Maki | Love Language

18Adam Lambert | Getting Older

19Thoom | Make It Work For Me

20Kissa | Cola Girl ’98

21Brian Dunne | It’s A Miracle

22🥤 Sonia Stein | Electric Honeymoon

23Smallpools | West Coast

24Feelings Cure | Setting Sun

25Mia Stegner | Weeds

26Manchester Orchestra | Capital Karma

27Peregrine | Gubble Bum

28Jake Shears | Too Much Music (ft. BBC Concert Orchestra)

29Snow Ellet | Whiskey And Soda Pop

30Metò | Aurélie

31Theo Tams | Cowboy Take Me Away

32Dorio | Right Now Feels Good

33🥤 Death Cab for Cutie | Foxglove Through The Clearcut (Acoustic)

34Simmcat | Forever

35🥤 The High Water Marks | An Imposed Exile

36🥤 Slamdinistas | Time Flies By

37Wred Fright | No Place To Do It

38🥤 Odd Beholder & Long Tall Jefferson | Self​-​Checkout