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Jadyn Lamb | Bad Sign: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Toronto artist's latest cut was inspired by her sister's toxic relationship.


Jadyn Lamb gets real in her stylish and powerful new single Bad Sign — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A deceptively sweet electro-pop track set to cutting-edge sonics from producer Material City, Bad Sign was actually penned as Toronto singer-songwriter Lamb watched her younger sister enter the world of toxic relationships. Its lyrics are inspired by the couple’s actual text messages and arguments. It is, Lamb says, “a story of manipulation, guilt, and finding the strength to escape abuse.

Bad Sign is dedicated to my younger sister. We’re best friends and I’m really protective of her, so when I saw her in pain it crushed me. When I heard her crying, I felt helpless. I tried my best to guide her in the right direction, and steer her away from heartbreak. But in the end, it was always her decision to make. Turns out she didn’t need any help. She was brave on her own and put herself first, and I’m so proud of her. Bad Sign was created in honour of my sister and anyone else going through the same thing. It’s OK to cut toxic people out of your life.”

Born in Toronto beside rattling train tracks and noisy city parks, Lamb grew up spirited and loud. Fascinated by music and writing as a child, she quickly fell in love with big stages and crowds. Every summer was spent in a packed bar in Leaside, watching her father play the guitar and sing songs with his band. As a young teen, she moved with her family to a sleepy town outside of the city. In this town there was a great distance between homes and no one walked around outside. In school she weirded out her classmates and was told to be quiet. This would be the beginning of her musical career.

In 2018, Lamb released her debut single A Day Off, emphasizing her love for the strange and different. Her second single Water arrived in January 2019. Her sound embodies moody electronic pop in a style similar to Lorde and Kate Bush.

Check out Bad Sign above and connect with Jadyn Lamb via her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.