Midweek Mixtape | 130-Plus Songs That Can Predict The Future! (Side 2)


Way back in the last millennium when I was an ink-stained wretch of a newspaper reporter, a reader phoned up to tell me she had apparently foreseen some big recent story in a dream. “Do you think I’m psychic?” she said. “Well,” I replied, “If you have to ask…” True story. Thankfully, you don’t need a sixth sense to know it’s going to be a busy spring for music. You just have to look at the endless firehose of new album announcements lately — nearly 100 today alone. Naturally, most come accompanied by a preview single or video — including many of the 133 new tracks, clips, remixes, covers, golden oldies, unburied treasures and live performances collected here. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🔮. I’m getting vibrations:



1Mary Middlefield | This One’s for You

2🔮 AJJ | Disposable Everything + Dissonance

3Ryan Hicks | Kaleidoscope

4🔮 Joan | Nervous

5Suuns | Wave

6🔮 Michigander | Superglue

7Stephen Sanchez | Evangeline

8Valley | Throwback Tears

9Avalon Emerson | Sandrail Silhouette

10🔮 Crimewave | 50 Rapid (Live)

11Benja | Slacker

12Danny Kuttner | Chasing Myself

13Known Physics | Dying for This

14Lola Young | Annabel’s House (From The Train)

15Jack Kays | The Walk

16Cleopatrick | Doom/Servers Speak

17Kimbra | Foolish Thinking (ft. Ryan Lott)

18Local Natives | Just Before The Morning

19Bed Signs | Veronica Ruse

20Zoon | A Language Disappears

21🔮 New Miserable Experience | The Prophet

22🔮 Milky Chance | Cocoon

23Shit Present | Fuck It

24🔮 Daisy Jones & The Six | Regret Me

25🔮 Sonikku | Enter The Chat

26Woz | Medicine

27Gramercy Arms | Tricky Love Stuff

28Marbles | Cold Water

29Velours Velours | L’Énorme Chien Très Gentil

30🔮 Bad Bad Hats | 9am (Remaster)

31Deary | Fairground