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Now Hear This: Sprints | Back Catalogue

The ascendant Dublin garage-punks — imagine a more political Amyl & The Sniffers — compile their early singles into a debut disguised as a compilation (or vice versa).

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:SprintsBack Catalogue sees their early work collected together for the first time.

The band’s 2020 debut single The Cheek won them early support. 2021’s Manifesto EP saw the band develop sonically and politically, with title single quickly becoming a fan favourite. This marked the beginning of a fruitful working relationship with Gilla Band’s Daniel Fox in the producer’s seat.

Driven by experience, tough political climates and social and economic uncertainty — their music is honest, often politically charged and authentic. Sprints’ vital, visceral next step came with 2022’s A Modern Job EP to critical acclaim, including widespread radio and streaming playlisting for lead single How Does The Story Go?

Back Catalogue marks the end of one chapter in Sprints story and beginning of the next. Charting the rise of the band from their formation in 2019 to the present day, it takes listeners on a journey through the highs and lows of elation to anxiety at trademark breakneck speed.

Formed in late 2019, Sprints have barely paused for breath since. Everything that goes into the band’s cathartic punk battle-cries can be seen as something of a call-to-arms: An attempt to silence the internal doubting voices and to fight against the outdated social tropes that box in individuality.

Now, more confident in their opinions and identities than ever, their latest songs take these ideas — that the personal is innately political, and that expression and using your voice is fundamentally crucial — and solidify them even further. Sprints’ latest is a vital, visceral next step.”