GreenWing | Social Cues: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Saskatoon power trio introduce themselves with a dynamic live performance.

GreenWing try to pick up on your Social Cues in their dynamic debut single and live-performance video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A solid shot of driving, energized indie-rock dusted with poppy melodies and anchored by a razor-sharp chorus hook, the Saskatoon power trio’s introductory release is an anthem for everyone who’s tried and failed to pick up on the subtle signs and unintentional tells hidden in a romantic partner’s eyes, texts and actions:

“I gotta ask am I crazy
Lately picking up on these clues
I’m sure it’s nothing
Just some stupid shit you do
So don’t bury the lead
Make it easy pretty please
I miss so much when I try to read
Between the lines.”

The accompanying one-shot video — filmed live in the studio with a hand-held camera that darts and dives around the players — not only captures the vitality of the band’s performance, but also reflects the dizzying, unsteady confusion conveyed in the revealing lyrics.

Thankfully, there was no uncertainty surrounding the clip’s creation. After seeing an initial groundswell of listeners and support for the release earlier this summer, GreenWing quickly shut themselves in at the studio to record the live performance, which was shot and edited by Saul Chabot.

GreenWing were founded just last year, but quickly hit the ground running, touring as soon as lockdowns were lifted. They have already made a name for themselves with their singalong hooks, infectious energy and chaotic stage shows.

Watch the video for Social Cues above, listen to the track and buy it below, and keep up with GreenWing on their website, Instagram and Facebook.


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