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Aries Marquis Shares A Lifetime Of Experience

The Louisiana pop-R&B artist takes a timeless, soulful approach to his music.

Aries Marquis brings a wealth of life experience and hard-earned wisdom to create a timeless sound on his album Experience — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“I named this album Experience for two reasons,” the Louisiana pop-R&B artist explains. “One is because I have gained a lot of experience in this music industry to be able to say, with honesty, that I have made improvements as an artist; and two, this album is another project based on true experiences that I’ve lived, and choose to write about. After all, my music is not written just for entertainment, but as life lessons that many can relate to and learn from.”

Indeed. From listening to and studying the musical legends and gospel greats to singing in his church choir to enlisting in the U.S. Army to performing and touring extensively as a solo artist, Marquis has come a long way, and with that comes maturity. His respect for the musical craft shows in his technically dazzling vocals and thoughtful lyricism. When you listen to Experience, you get the feeling this is an artist who has truly studied and appreciated the R&B and soul greats. Most of all, this is real life storytelling coming from an authentic modern voice.

Born in Baton Rouge to musical parents, it is no surprise that Aries would have music coursing through his veins. From both parents, Aries received plenty of musical influence: Everything from gospel legends such as Daryl Coley, The Hawkins Family and Vanessa Bell Armstrong to the soulful melodies of Anita Baker, Barry White, Freddie Jackson and others.

Marquis started to sing in his mother’s choir at the First Presbyterian Church of Scotlandville when he was five years old. Although he sang in choirs for years, he never stepped up to sing lead until a Grade 12 talent show, where his rendition of Blessed Assurance earned a standing ovation even though he was so nervous he forgot some of he words.

After a stint in the military, Aries started writing music in 2007, and formed the duo J2 with Renaldo Pryce shortly afterward. J2 performed in malls, clubs, and even on local television, where they had garnered some of the highest ratings on those locals stations when they performed. In 2010, Marquis went solo, and since then has been determined to create a sound that is ageless, soulful, and diverse.

Listen to Experience above, watch the lyric video for Ghost below, and find Aries Marquis at his website and Facebook.