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Next Week in Music | July 4-10 • The Long List: 200-Plus Releases On The Way

July 3 is not a great day for music. The coming week? Well, that's another story.


July 3 is not a great day for music: Brian Jones drowned in his swimming pool on this date in 1969, Jim Morrison slipped away in his bathtub in 1971, Mississippi Fred McDowell succumbed to cancer in 1972, Laurens Hammond (inventor of the organ that bears his last name) died in 1973, a member of U2‘s crew was killed on his motorcycle while running an errand for Bono in 1986, and singer-songwriter Johnny Russell passed in 2001. Phew. On the plus side, there are 200 new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week. Just avoid the pool, motorcycles and bathtubs until then.



Aespa | The 2nd Mini Album EP
American Terror | Where We Are
Astrologer | Legerdemain (R)
Bad Breeding | Human Capital
Kurt Baker | Brand New Beat: Complete
Caterina Barbieri | Spirit Exit
James Bay | Leap
The Beatles | The Beatles: Get Back DVD / Blu-Ray
Berries | How We Function
Big Star | Complete Third Reissue
Black Nazareth | Black Nazareth
Blackie And The Rodeo Kings | O Glory
Blackwater Drowningn | Sonder//Satori
Blind Channel | Lifestyles Of The Sick & Dangerous
Bondax | Fade (Never Dull Remix ft. Shells) Single
Booca | Cabala EP
Bring Me The Horizon | Strangers
Jonathan Balzano Brookes | The Greathart
Apollo Brown | This Must Be The Place
Rei Brown | Xeno
Bullet For My Valentine | Bullet For My Valentine Deluxe Edition
Burna Boy | Love, Damini
Anna Butterss | Activities
Cappadonna | Da Illage
Steve Cardenas / Ben Allison / Ted Nash | Healing Power: Music of Carla Bley
Carmody | Imperfect Constellations
Ken Car$on | X
Chance Images | Lick Acumen
Ciara | Jump
Circuit3 | Overview Effect
Cleanbreak | Coming Home
Cocktail Party Effect | Racka EP
Madeleine Cocolas | Northern Storm
Alice Cohen | Moonrising
Crackazat | Everybody Talks About It EP
D’Arcangelo | Arium
Dead Tired | Satan Will Follow You Home
Delay/Aarset | Singles
Delicate Steve | After Hours
The Deslondes | Ways & Means
Serge Devant | Hush Hush EP
Dio | Holy Diver: Super Deluxe Edition
Dnce | Got Me Good
Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart | Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart Reissue
Tristan Eckerson | Going Home
Eden | Balling
End It | Unpleasant Living EP
Enhypen | Manifesto: Day 1
Evenfall | Ubiquity (ft. William Clipman) EP
The Faim | Talk Talk
Brent Faiyaz | Wasteland
Farewell To Fear | Polarity
Fireground | Dreams
5 Billion In Diamonds | Divine Accidents
Fiver | Soundtrack To A More Radiant Sphere: The Joe Wallace Mixtape
The Fivers | Time We Share
Flo | Immature
Flowertown | Half Yesterday
Forsaken Eternity | A Kingdom Of Ice
Frontier Backyard | Million Feelings
Richie Furay | In The Country
Gallower | Eastern Witchcraft
The Game | Drillmatic: Mind vs. Heart
Gnov | Hot
The GOAT | Remix EP1
Rose Gray | Synchronicity EP
Greylotus | Dawnfall
Gum | Delorean Highway Reissue
Gum | Glamorous Damage Reissue
Gutlockrer | To Be Alive
Steve Hadfield | See the World Anew Vol. 2
Julie Hanney | Taking Flight
Hellhound | Rappioperintö – Kaikki levytykset 1978-1980
Herbcraft | Flowering
H1-Key | Run
James Holvay | This Girl EP
HolyRoller | Swimming Witches
InHappy | Blending In
Insurgency | Primitive Shrines
Shoukija Irarenai | Maharajan
Paul Jacobs | 185 On The Corner
Emmanuel Jal | Shangah
Jakatta | American Dream (Atjazz Extended Remix)
Waylon Jennings | Just To Satisfy You / Waylon / Country-Folk With The Kimberlys Reissue
Elton John | Regimental Sgt. Zippo Vinyl
Journey | Freedom
Larry June | Good Job OPVS
Kainkäärmeenpoika | Kainkäärmeenpoika
Ian Daniel Kehoe | Yes Very So
Tasman Keith | A Colour Undone
Kid Phang | Kill Phang
Kota the Friend | Memo
Diamanda La Berge Dramm | Chimp
AJ Lambert | Dirt Soda
Cheryl E. Leonard | Antarctica: Music From the Ice
Life’s Question | World Full Of​.​.​.
Mike Lindup | Atlantia (Dave Lee Remixes)
Thea Little | Honest Process
Lync Lone | Hotel Cadillac
LonelyTwin | This End Had No Beginning
Lord Elephant | Cosmic Awakening
La Luz | Endless Afternoon / San Fernando Shadow Blues
Lil’ Diabetes | God Bless The USA
The Machinist | All Is Not Well
Massimo Magee | Toneflower
The Magnificent | Monolithic
Makèz | Holy Sun EP
Mango145200 | Cine E Mango?
Billy Marchiafava | The Start Of Something Terrible
Sage Martens | Riding Fences
Master | Four More Years Of Terror Reissue
Master | Slaves To Society Reissue
Maxim Mental | Make Team Presents Maxim Mental In Maximalism
Ana Mazzotti | Ana Mazzotti Reissue
Metric | Formentera
George Michael | Older Deluxe Edition
Misanthropik Torment | #KillYourLocalPedophile
Moar | Back To The Boom Bap
Tumi Mogorosi | Group Theory: Black Music
Colin Moore | Golden
Rae Morris | Rachel@Fairyland
The Mortal Prophets | Stomp The Devil EP
Mush | Down Tools
µ-Ziq | Lunatic Harness 25th Anniversary Edition
Nelson | Greatest Hits (And Near Misses)
Nikshoww | Fatal Shot
Harry Nilsson | Harry Nilsson: A’s and B’s
The 1975 | Part Of The Band
NoSo | Stay Proud of Me
Numpty | Min’yō b​/​w All Okinawa
Pauline Oliveros | The Wanderer Reissue
Ollie | Even When I’m Happy I Listen To Sad Music
Organectomy | Nail Below Nail
Ortooeen Waves / Obstacle My Arms | Transported / In The Mysterious Garden Looking For Frogs Split
Packs | Woah EP
Randy Palmer | Deeper Water
Bar Pandora | Bar Pandora
Party Dozen | The Real Work
Pearl Jam | Gigaton (Tour Edition)
Katy J Pearson | Sound Of The Morning
Penpals | The Curse of Frankie Cabana
Penza Penza | Neanderthal Rock
Cadu Pereira | Somos Iguais
Pine Barons | I Love Fish
PlayPlay | Maneuvers EP w/ Farsight, Drummy, Jaymie Silk & An Avrin Remixes
Powerwolf | The Monumental Mass: A Cinematic Metal Event
Princess Diana Of Wales | Princess Diana Of Wales
The Pub Dogs | Scatter’s Liver (Live on the Wireless)
Naomi Raine | Journey
Joe Rainey | Niineta Vinyl
Rapport | Floating Through The Wonderwave EP
Miki Ratsula | Made For Them EP
Renforshort | Dear Amelia
James Righton | Jim, I’m Still Here
Seep | Hymns to the Gore
Sydney Rose | You Never Met Me EP
Todd Sharpville | Medication Time
Sig Nu Gris | Threshold
Six Missing | In Other Lifetimes​.​.​.
Sniffany & The Nits | The Unscratchable Itch
Solére | Nem Ijeszt Meg
Daniel Son, 36 Cypher & Futurewave | As The Crow Flies
Sonum | Visceral Void Entropy
Tyshawn Sorey Trio | Mesmerism
Spetyusz | Toppon
Spiral Stairs | Medley Attack!!!
Luke Strange | Brain Damage EP
Str4ta | When You Call Me / Night Flight
Ström | Ström
Switchblade Symphony | Bread & Jam For Frances
Switchfoot | Interrobang Deluxe Edition
Tatora | Cache_1
Attia Taylor | Dog And Pony Show
Tending Bike | Tending Bike
Tini, Becky G & Anitta | La Loto
Together Pangea | DYE Extended
Antti Tolvi | Spectral Organ / Feedback Gong
Tom | Lose Yourself EP
John Tomaino | People Will Talk
Daniel Tompkins | The Abyss / Frenzy
Trashed Ambulance | Future Considerations
Tye Tribbett | All Things New
Try The Pie | A Widening Burst of Forever
Undertow | Bipolar
Vancouver Sleep Clinic | Fallen Paradise
The Vandals | Slippery When Ill
Various Artists | The DollyDollar Mixed Box
Various Artists | Spirit of France
Laura Veirs | Found Light
Viagra Boys | Cave World
Viviz | Summer Vibe
Vomit Forth | Seething Malevolence
Wanuka | Greenhorn
War Babies | Shameless Imbalance
Junior Wells | Blues Legend
Wet | Pink Room
While She Sleeps | Sleeps Society Expanded Edition
The Who | The Who Sell Out Half-Speed Mastered Vinyl
The Who | Tommy Half-Speed Mastered Vinyl
Brett Wiscons | Late Bloomer
WJSN | Sequence
Tommy Womack | 30 Years Shot to Hell: An Anthology
Wormrot | Hiss
Justin Wright | A Really Good Spot
Wu-Lu | Loggerhead
Neil Young With Crazy Horse | Toast