Groover Playlist 162 | Stone-Cold Thrillers (Part 2)

Mama Said, Zion Head, DeeGeezy, Muff and more great artists from near and far.

Mama Said make it from scratch, Muff fights intolerance, Zion Head counts his blessings, DJ DeeGeezy gets docked and more in today’s submissions from Groover, a platform that connects artists with critics like me for a small fee. You can (and should) follow me on Spotify HERE, check out my Top 200 playlist HERE, or listen to it via the widget at the lower right of every page on this site. If you want to be in an upcoming playlist, go HERE. But first, enjoy more of today’s stone-cold thrillers:


Mama Said | Itch

HOME BASE: United States.
GENRE: Rockin’ In Harmony.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Mama Said is fresh off of playing Napa Valley’s BottleRock 2022, alongside acts like Metallica, Twenty One Pilots, Pink, Snoop Dogg and Kygo.They’re a new-classic brand of pop-rock — think Fleetwood Mac for the 2020s. Dual-lead female vocalists and crunchy electric guitar. Itch is their newest single and will be supported by a series of shows this summer.”

Muff | Coriandoli

GENRE: Gypsies ’Round The Campfire.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Muff (Mattia Ferrero), 29, was initially an audiophile and record collector before starting out as an artist. Eclectic in his tastes, he takes as much pleasure in listening to Vasco Rossi as he does KISS. He released his first album Le Cose Che Ho Da Dire in 2019 and his second album Grilli Per La Testa in 2021. He regularly fills small venues with a loyal audience with whom he has a deep relationship. In the single Coriandoli he denounces the intolerance and violence of religions. The song combines sounds from the four corners of the world with a typically pop rhythm.”

Zion Head | Bless Me Jah Jah

HOME BASE: France.
GENRE: Jammin’ At The Dancehall.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Zion Head was born in 1978 in Montego Bay. After a difficult adolescence in the poverty and violence of the ghetto, he moved to England to develop his music and lyrics. Installed in Paris since 2013 with the mission to invest more in reggae music, he set up his label Zed2diZee Music. His fourth album is in preparation.”

DJ DeeGeezy | Docks

HOME BASE: United States.
GENRE: Laid-Back And Makin’ Tracks.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “A Dr. Dre-type flow. Looking for collab.”

CircleKSK | Don’t Look Back

GENRE: Metal With A Beating Pop Heart.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “This new song is a straight heavy metal number. But its combination of heavy metal guitar riffs with the melody line of Asian popular music. Vocals are sung by Melisa Jimenez, who also sang Nightmare and Hyperinflation.”

Terry Jones | J.T.B.

HOME BASE: United States.
GENRE: Biblical Verses & Killer Tracks.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Pittsburgh musician, comedian and actor Terry Jones has released a new single J.T.B. His second of 2022, J.T.B. follows the romp Shucky Ducky featuring Emmy Award-winning rapper Frzy. Backed by production from Mayce Tomlin, Jones delves further into the depths of real life on J.T.B., channeling past experiences over the U.K. drill-inspired beat and weaving a narrative full of twists, turns and pop culture references. Jones released the singles Silent Like Chaplin and This Is My Statement in 2021.”

Cadu Pereira | Immensidão

HOME BASE: Brazil.
GENRE: Stylish Pop-Rock Serenades.
THE TRANSLATED & EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Immensidão is a journey through space. It’s one of the main songs from the album Vendo O Mundo, my project for this year that I’m slowly delivering. The song talks about loss through the eyes of a lone astronaut in space, amid the realization that we are nothing in the midst of the immense universe. The sounds were designed to create a spatial environment, with the keyboards and guitars, but at the same time connect with the simplicity of the Earth, represented by the guitars. Composer that I am, I usually say that my main instrument is the pen. I entered the world of music through the lyrics I wrote and my great satisfaction is to put music to the sensations and situations that the world presents me.”

John Leslie Hulcombe | Sanctuary

HOME BASE: Australia.
GENRE: Shimmering Reflections In Folk-Pop.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:John Leslie Hulcombe is back with yet another inspiring and catchy single.”

Johndoe98 | Mine

HOME BASE: United States.
GENRE: Cross-Cultural Rhyme & Rhythm.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “I am an up-and-coming artist from Columbus. When I wrote Mine, I wanted something that could bring the international community together. I stared the song in my native tongue of West African Creole to set a powerful tone — then changed to English to make sure I satisfy my core fanbase. The song is about love — not just any love, but an inseparable love. Loving is one of the most complex feelings, and the feeling of love is also the strongest frequency we can emit as humans — which explains why we’re so fascinated with it. In this song I talk about the struggles we face when you love someone and you try to make it work, believing that no matter what we go though, we will remain together and our love will grow stronger.”

Pascale LeBlanc | Le Doute

HOME BASE: Canada.
GENRE: Samba Without Borders.
THE TRANSLATED & EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “A brand new single mixing French song with Caribbean and Brazilian music from the Quebec singer-songwriter of Haitian origin.”

Ariane Laniel | Mirage

HOME BASE: Canada.
GENRE: Pop That’s Proud Of Its Roots.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Ariane Laniel is not afraid to name the little flaws that we carry within us. The folk and country tunes of her first EP Mon Bordel invite us to find hope beyond the grayness of everyday life. Ariane Laniel won the first edition of Mixmania with the group No Regrets. Mirage, with its pop/folk sound, transports us under a blazing sun accompanied by her soft voice. Her lyrics, which contrast with the lightness of the melody, are inspired by a love relationship is not what it seems.”

Pab the Kid & James The Prophet | Tower

HOME BASE: France.
GENRE: Pop In A Summertime Funk.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:James the Prophet and Pab the Kid are two high school friends with a passion for music. Their careers have been intrinsically linked despite their opposite temperaments: James is wise, calm, and collected, while Pab is energetic and playful. A cocktail and a sunset, that’s what Tower calls for! It’s the new single from an album to be released in the fall, the result of long months in the studio and a beautiful artistic bromance the duo and producer Majeur Mineur. This summery track is designed to make you dance and sing along at summer festivals.”

Frollin | Lullaby

HOME BASE: Norway.
GENRE: Nocturnal Neo-Classical.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “I live in southwestern Norway, surrounded by beautiful scenery like the sea, fjords, small islands, forests and mountains. This scenery is an inspiration for my music. I have always been looking for inner peace, to benefit both physical and emotional health and well-being. This inner search has led to my desire to be a part of the solution for others who also desire tranquility through music, meditation and mindfulness. I hope that you enjoy my soothing instrumental music.”

The Lovelines | Steadily

HOME BASE: United States.
GENRE: The Soul Of Deep Grooves.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: The Lovelines let their music do the talking.

Lunerium 55 | The Last & The First

HOME BASE: France.
GENRE: Smooth Soul-Pop Sincerity.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:The Last And The First is a love song, though it’s more a manifestation than just a love song, to be honest.”

Pain Behavior | Tear Me Down

HOME BASE: United States.
GENRE: Industrial Heartbreak.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Pain Behavior (Enrique Hernandez) was born in Spanish Harlem and now resides in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. Prior to COVID, they performed regularly at LGBTQ, activist safe spaces and art spaces. At live shows, Hernandez uses movement as well as symbolic set design, costumes, and lights to express his personal journey as a survivor. Enrique creates each of his projects as an event with unique video, songs, dance movements and color schemes. For fans of artists that touch the far dark regions of the soul with an electronic edge, Hernandez hopes their art empowers individuals on their journey toward comfort in body and mind.

Jade Ashtangini | 猫のぬくもり (A Cat’s Tenderness)

GENRE: Neo-Classical Pet Sounds.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Namaste! Jade Ashatngini is a pianist, composer, cellist, singer, songwriter and photographer. She learned classical piano in childhood, and her music is a soothing and graceful blend of neo classical, new age, crossover, ambient and mantra kirtan. Her unique soul can arouse people’s inner spirit and bring peace of mind. For Jade, music is the greatest spiritual nourishment in life, and she enjoys being immersed in the beautiful music of her daily life. She loves to compose calming piano, cello and spiritual music for people who are meditating, studying, doing yoga or simply relaxing. 猫のぬくもり is a solo piano piece with a sweet, relaxing, elegant and Japanese feel. It expresses gratitude for warmth and love that cats bring to human beings.”

Trish Discord | 23 + In Another Life

HOME BASE: United States.
GENRE: Synthesizers That Rock!
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Trish Discord is an artist and songwriter with a focus on writing music that is very catchy yet is quite personal. This talented singer is known for her ability to make music that is not only energetic but also thought-provoking. Her most recent album The Aftermath of 2016 is a politically charged record with rock vibes and something to say. 23 is one of the most touching and personal tracks on the album. It’s about realizing that it’s time for a life change and getting rid of toxic relationships. In Another Life is an alt-rock anthem with a flavor that will take you back to the golden age of the genre, tipping the hat off to artists like Linkin Park in their prime.”

Nigel Hinds | Ghostin’

HOME BASE: United Kingdom.
GENRE: R&B / Soul Bangers With A Hint Of Funk.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Nigel Hinds has been singing since age five. He has always enjoyed singing and listening to different types of music although his main loves are gospel, soul and R&B. This talented singer has also been a supporting act for artists such as Lemar, Jagged Edge and Basement Jaxx. In 2014, he released his first EP Gotta Get Away. His latest single Ghostin’ is an R&B/Soul/Pop banger.”

Bright Young Future | End Summer In The Sun

HOME BASE: Denmark.
GENRE: Doomed by Technology.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Based in Copenhagen, Bright Young Future is the experimental collage-pop project of Rune Risager (Vibrant as Fuck, Den Fjerde Væg) and Jacob Abildgaard (Black Horse). Combining ambient, sample music, noise, glitch, doom and pop music, BYF is contemporary, playful and spontaneous post-genre music best described as a photogram of moods. In 2020 they self-released their debut album Black Wings. A euphoric and high-energy collaboration with Tettix Hexer, End Summer in the Sun is the first single of both their upcoming, respective albums. The immediacy of Bright Young Future’s at once heartfelt cool melodies and lyrics as well as their playful instrumentation is stretched and lifted over a landscape of Tettix Hexer’s kinetic beats and shifting synthesizers. The result is an anthemic, emotional and explosive hybrid of IDM, doomsday pop and hypergaze with notes of industrial and nu-metal. “End Summer in the Sun” is about not getting stuck in a toxic train of thoughts, difficult situations and life in general – getting in touch with the heart of things, reaching out, cherishing the last summer sun while getting the most out of the life you’re living.”

Ross 248 | Sunshower (ft. Liam Brown)

HOME BASE: South Korea / U.K.
GENRE: Heartbreak and 808s.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Ross 248 is a South Korean music producer and songwriter, named after a small star in the northern constellation of Andromeda, with the hope of discovering a star deep within the heart of the audience. The songs written and produced by Ross 248 bear a unique essence and demonstrate the voices of various vocalists. The second single Sunshower took inspiration from the view from her flat window in Liverpool, where the sun was shining through the rain. To drive the meaning through to the song, the lyrics express the change in feelings and outlook from falling in love.”

Jinnss | Millionmilesaway

HOME BASE: Canada.
GENRE: Flowin’ On The Down Low.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “My music is for fans of alternative hip-hop, trap, and electronica.”

NGP | &ovr

HOME BASE: United States.
GENRE: Smokin’ And Croakin’.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “I’m an Indianapolis rapper, songwriter and producer heavily influenced by the likes of OutKast, Kid Cudi and Biggie Smalls. Lately I’ve been expanding my horizons and listening to more ambient and alternative music. I show off the influence it has had on me in my recent single &ovr.”

Sarah Shafey | Pick Up The Phone

HOME BASE: Canada.
GENRE: Pop With Poise.
THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “On her fourth album Blackbox Universe, Sarah Shafey delivers her most theatrical album to date. Filled with big, bold, heavy production, this genre-bending collection includes influences of electronic, pop and rock. Shafey brilliantly weaves together female empowerment, science fiction and more, while captivating listeners with her seamless vocals and strong production. “We all have different versions of ourselves, so I felt the need to explore who they were. It was cathartic,” says Sarah. “Some of it was a shedding of skin that I don’t want anymore and other elements are more closely aligned with who I am now and want to be more like.” Sarah co-produced, co-engineered and co-mixed the album with Hill Kourkoutis, the first female to win a Juno for Recording Engineer of the Year (2022).”


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