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Albums Of The Week: Van Morrison | What’s It Gonna Take?

Picking up where Latest Record Album left off, the Belfast Blowhard continues to rant like your drunk redneck uncle — as his tolerant band delivers top-shelf blues & jazz.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:What’s It Gonna Take? is Van Morrison’s 43rd studio album, the followup to his 2021 release — the 28-track double album Latest Record Project, Vol. 1 — and further evidence of the veteran singer-songwriter’s current creative streak. What’s It Gonna Take? features 15 new Morrison compositions that collectively reflect the artist’s indefatigable drive to record and perform live in front of audiences.

Morrison is one of music’s true originals — utterly unique and inspirational with a legacy that spans the last seven decades. Born in Belfast in 1945 and inspired by blues, country and gospel, he formed the hugely successful R&B band Them in 1964 before moving on to a different realm as a solo artist. One of the most prolific recording artists and hardest working live performers of his era, Morrison has crafted an unparalleled catalogue of releases that moves effortlessly through his myriad influences, including visionary street poetry, jazz, swing, skiffle and Celtic roots and includes some of the best loved songs of the 20th century. He has also managed to maintain a work ethic both on stage and in the studio that would shame younger artists.”