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J. Geils Band | Original 1981 Freeze Frame Promo Posters

I'll fight you over this album — but only if you try to tell me that it's a great record.

Freeze Frame is not my favourite J. Geils Band album. Not by a long shot.

That honour, without question, would go to Live Full House, their killer 1972 concert set that is indisputably, undeniably, incontrovertibly one of the greatest live albums recored and released on this or any other planet. If you disagree with me about Live Full House, a) you are wrong, b) I will fight you, and c) no matter who wins the fight, you’re still wrong.

I might fight you over Freeze Frame too, but only if you try to tell me it’s a great J. Geils album. Because it’s not. It’s fair to middling. What it most certainly is, however, is their most popular album, chiefly because it contains the punchy title track and the poppy Centerfold, two unexpected pop-chart hits that came more than a decade into the Boston blues-rock band’s career and hopefully managed to earn them enough scratch to make up for all those years in the trenches (though I doubt it).

Anyway, you may be asking: If I don’t really like Freeze Frame all that much, why do I have this 24″ square poster of the album cover and the accompanying banner promo poster (below)? Because once a Geils fan, always a Geils fan, I guess. And I wasn’t working in a record store when Full House Live (or any other other previous albums) were released. So beggars and choosers, essentially. If you’re a bigger fan of Freeze Frame than I am (which isn’t hard) and would like to buy either or both of these posters, EMAIL ME and we’ll make it happen. And if you happen to have a poster of Live Full House you want to trade, that might be thing too.