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Leif Riggs Deftly Controls The Vibe & The Mood

The San Diego rapper's latest single feels like a timeless classic from the old school.

Leif Riggs is the new master of The Vibe & The Mood on his throwback rap single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Although it’s the first preview of the rising San Diego hip-hop artist’s upcoming EP, The Vibe & The Mood is an ode to positivity and perseverance that feels more like a timeless track from the old school. Atop a simple boom-bap backbeat flecked with one-finger keyboard melodies and swooshing atmospheric flourishes, Riggs drops two killer verses that showcase his smooth, laid-back flow and nimble verbal gymnastics with quiet confidence and unassuming skill:

“I flip a switch in my head if I change my mind.
Follow through without apology. It’s the best policy.
Fine with the outcome. Some askin’ how come.
‘Cuz it’s a little clearer where I’m at, where I’m from.
A little freer than before. A little bit fine.
My brain intertwines with the skills I combine.
I combat my nemesis with my verbal sentences.”

“This song is about moving on in life to enjoy relationships with those who are currently around,” Riggs explains. “It’s about how I cope with challenges so that I overcome them, and how my relationships with others play a central role in doing that. It’s about how I use my music to create a vibrant atmosphere for myself and for others.”

For Riggs, spinning rhymes is both a coping mechanism and a leisure activity. “I like to challenge myself to combine rhyme schemes, syllable structure, meaning of words, and rhythm so that all of these devices enhance my lyrics. I also enjoy the process of recording my lyrics so that I create environments with my style of rapping.”

Listen to The Vibe & The Mood below and follow Leif Riggs on Twitter and Instagram.