Alexis Lynn Still Feels Like She Has Something To Prove

The Vancouver pop artist needs to be needed in her latest single and lyric video.

Alexis Lynn deals with self-esteem issues in her new single and lyric video Something To Prove — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

As a proud feminist and mental health advocate, the Vancouver/Surrey First Nation singer-songwriter knows only too well that no matter how strong, empowered and aware one may be, it’s difficult to fight against entrenched systemic pressure and internalized insecurities. Sometimes, though, acknowledging that battle is the first step toward winning it.

In Something To Prove, the rising-star pop artist explores the struggle she’s experienced as a bisexual woman who’s very open and accepting of her sexuality outwardly — but on the inside, still suffers from the biases of the mainstream, especially when it comes to the male gaze. “Patriarchal society holds this value that the validation of a woman, being it attractiveness, worth, whatever, can often only come from a man,” Lynn explains.

In the achingly open, stripped-back single, Lynn’s lyrics discuss engaging in a romance with a woman who checks every box for what she knows she wants in a relationship yet still feeling the need for male approval to prove she’s “enough” (even though the man she’s involved with is falling far short of meeting her needs).

“I know that she sees me. He’s just willingly blind … I just need him to want me, like there’s something to prove,” she sings, highlighting her internal conflict and unhappiness at her own inability to shake off this male-validation complex.

“It’s messed up, really, but I think it shines a light on what a lot of bisexual women have struggled with,” she says of the song, and of the experience no doubt shared by many longing to break through toxic patterns and processes to find and accept the healthy relationships they deserve. As the lyrics state, “There’s so much left to unlearn, ‘cause I thought love was something you should earn.”

Lynn has become known in recent years for her ability to combine her distinctive, honey-sweet vocals and pop production with authentic and sometimes raw storytelling. She takes inspiration from her family’s cultural roots, along with icons including Amy Winehouse and Rihanna, and the worlds of R&B and hip-hop. Her debut album Real Talk centered around her personal mental health journey and experiences processing trauma, was released in September.

Watch the lyric video for Something To Prove above, hear more from Alexis Lynn below, and connect with her at her website, Facebook and Twitter.