Oatmeal Queen | In My Mind: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Vancouver singer-songwriter speaks from the heart in their sincere new single.


Oatmeal Queen gets a few things off their chest with the heartfelt and uplifting new single and video In My Mind — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A sincere, soft-spoken declaration of self-worth exquisitely decorated with shimmering keyboards and a subtly shapeshifting groove, the synth-pop number is the latest single from the Vancouver artist’s most recent album Martian.

In My Mind is a story about someone who is becoming aware of how their role models have influenced their self-image through the years, and is learning to let go of what they don’t want to believe anymore,” Oatmeal Queen explains. “I am really curious about our connections to our families and ancestors and figuring out what it means to heal intergenerational trauma. This song explores a part of what that might look like for someone.”

From their avid obsession with oatmeal to their musical style, singer/songwriter, producer, and keyboardist Paloma Pendharkar has always stood out from the crowd. In 2019, they released the single Stay Here, marking their departure as Oatmeal Queen, a solo artist unconfined by genre. The new record Martian welcomes listeners into the mind of someone struggling to find their place in a community of humans.

Teeming with celestial synths and heartfelt proclamations, Martian is led by Pendharkar’s eclectic, layered vocals and reflective lyrics. At times reminiscent of Lucy Dacus and at others of Mitski or Alabama Shakes, the record is narrative, unpredictable, and complex without sacrificing its playfulness. It is here that Paloma’s personality shines in all of its many facets.

Outside of this project, Paloma is a piano teacher, an aspiring actor, and has played keys with acts like Nette, Chersea and Vivace on stages across so-called Canada and the U.S. They take pride from writing from the heart with inspiration from other artists and friends who make art that explores and/or lives beyond the various systems of oppression we exist within.

Watch In My Mind above, listen to Martian below, and learn more about Oatmeal Queen on their website, Facebook and Instagram.