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Albums Of The Week: Komodor | Nasty Habits

The French foursome spin a slew of classic-rock riffs and licks into nostalgic gold.


The Who. Mountain. Thin Lizzy. Blue Öyster Cult. And about 17 other old-school ’60s and rock bands. You’ll hear echoes of (and sometimes, blatant nods to) them all in the vintage riffs and licks of French retro-rock outfit Komodor‘s nostalgic sophomore album Nasty Habits. But this sucker is more than just the sincerest form of flattery. Along with taking you on a deep dive through the classic rock section of their record collection, these guys also spend some quality time in the realms of psychedelia, power-pop and garage-rock, giving this 11-track disc enough sonic depth and breadth to stand on its own platform-shod pins. Listen to it often enough and you just might develop a habit for them.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Komodor, the French kings of rock are back with a grande opus! It’s full of psychedelic, garage and blues-infested rock! Nasty Habits was recorded & mixed at TAF Panoramix Studio and mastered by Jim Diamond.”