Ritalin Boy Believes You’re Some Kind Of Angel

The Toronto singer-guitarist shares a timeless tune about love, death and salvation.


Ritalin Boy’s soul is saved by Some Kind Of Angel in his potent and personal new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Some Kind of Angel is a timeless tune about love, death and salvation,” says the singer-songwriter and guitarist. “(It’s) a badass ballad with bits of melody poking through a wailing wall of rock as the first flowers rising from the dirt on the freshly dug grave of a lover departed to a Leonard Cohen afterworld.”

The latest single off his well-received studio album Adult Entertainment, Some Kind Of Angel is a mammoth track with a sensational melody that cuts no corners. This anthemic single is dripping with all of the style and polish you find on the most significant rock records, and this larger-than-life sound meshes seamlessly with the contemplative writing style that has become seminal in Ritalin Boy’s art. This brooding ballad navigates themes of love and salvation through intricate metaphors to paint a portrait of a forsaken lost soul on the brink of despair.

Some Kind Of Angel not only communicates a message with its music but also with its visuals. Accompanying the single is a gritty video shot remotely on the shoreline of Lake Ontario. Channelling the German expressionist films from the silent era, the black-and-white video features a mysterious figure known only as Mirror-Face. Using the video as an allegory for the framework of time, Ritalin Boy himself stars as Man In A Bowler Hat to round out the cast and create something uniquely eerie.

Originally from Manitoba, Ritalin Boy has been creating music for over two decades. Playing the underground music scene in Toronto further refined Ritalin Boy’s penchant for musical authenticity, citing Canadian music heroes like Gord Downie and Leonard Cohen as his inspiration. He is currently working on the sophomore followup album The Skeleton Army, due in 2022.

Watch Some Kind Of Angel above, hear more from Ritalin Boy below, and find him at his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.