Alexis Lynn Can’t Stop December Dreaming

The B.C. singer-songwriter’s latest cut wonders whether the anticipation is worth it.


Alexis Lynn lives for the holidays in her twinkly new single and video December Dreaming — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Ethereal and lullaby-like, December Dreaming features snowflake-soft vocals over the familiar, comforting sound of Christmas-choir bells. Like many of the best holiday songs, its charm lies in its simplicity, with lyrics that take the listener through the year — the green of spring, the golden glow of summer days, the leaves of autumn — while the holiday spirit keeps burning like a tiny ember.

But along with celebrating the joy of the season, the thought-provoking song also wonders whether the anticipation can be more magical than the day itself. “It begs the thought if the longing is better than the actuality of the holiday,” Lynn says. “I hope when you listen, it brings you all those magical Christmas feelings we feel near the holidays.”

The song is part of a larger meditation on the season, and a followup to the singer’s previous holiday cut Christmas Cards, which is a bit more critical of the holidays. “With December Dreaming, I knew I wanted a soft, dreamy track that juxtaposed my last Christmas song, which points out the flaws of the holiday season and is a call-to-action type song,” Lynn shares. “I’m very much a person who wants to be aware of social and global issues and do what I can to help, but I also love Christmas and wanted a song to reflect that as well.”

Lynn broke through in 2019 with her debut album Things Get Good. The First Nations artist from Surrey, B.C., has delivered an impressive streak of singles that show off her vocal chops and aesthetic range, running the gamut from Ghosts (a bare, anthemic contemplation of vulnerability and insecurity) to Bubble (a flirtatious trap-pop bop about emotional availability). She wrote and recorded prolifically during the pandemic, and looks forward to going deeper on her next project, a multifaceted exploration of mental health that promises to be her most personal work yet.

Watch December Dreaming above, hear more from Alexis Lynn below, and find her at her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.