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Farsight | Exhume: Exclusive EP Premiere

The Long Islanders push the sonic envelope of New York hardcore on their debut EP.

Farsight dig deep, raise the stakes and unleash hell on their EP Exhume — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The debut disc from Long Island’s newest and most promising musical extremists, Exhume delivers a savagely punishing assault on the senses, arc-welding metal, punk, hardcore and a host of aggressive genres into 17 minutes of relentless fury and homicidal mayhem that push the sonic envelope of New York hardcore.

“Here in Farsight, the general consensus is that we play metalcore,” says drummer Johnny Kaiser. “But inspiration for me has come from so many artists, time periods, and styles. I like to think my own style stems from the reciprocation of these inspirations in a way that helps me create a unique and signature sound behind the kit.”

Guitarist and producer Matt Fischtti knows where he’s coming from. “Being the band’s producer and having full control over our compositions allows me to create the kind of metal music I want to hear,” he says. “Allowing the listener to be fully submerged in the composition and never wanting to change the volume (except for up). I have always been fond of the bands that tend to deliver a specific tone within their music. I feel that being in a band gives you that chance to develop a sonic personality, expressing the things that you’re feeling in the moment, both lyrically and instrumentally.”

To that end, the members of Farsight — founding members Fischetti, bassist Dylan Dijan and his guitarist brother Devon Dijan, along with newer recruits Kaiser and vocalist Anthony Villani — have spent the last year blazing their own unique path, painstakingly creating countless demos and forging the unmistakable musical dynamic that runs through Exhumed like razor wire across a minefield.

Kicking off with the haunting introduction 25 17, Exhume gets right down to business with the debut single Solace, slamming into you with the force of a shovel to the face. The track is just as heavy emotionally, pulling no punches as it delivers a message about pouring your heart and soul into something only to end up with nothing but pain at the end of the day. It serves as a metaphor for the music scene, where ambitious artists often choke under pressure and fail, or give up and live in regret. Stage Two showcases a metalcore-oriented sound, spiked with new wave aggression to help it carve out its own bloody spot on the spectrum. With overdriven instruments, a grinding midtempo groove, intense vocal energy and abrasive lyrics, it keeps you on your toes from the opening riff to the final note.

Hara-Kiri experiments with the technical worlds of progressive metal / djent, infusing the vigor of hardcore to a combo platter of gnarling guitars, thundering bass, mauling drums and gut-punching vocal execution that gets your adrenaline pumping. Brutus reveals and revels in Farsight’s deathcore attitude. The track’s confrontational lyrics — “How could you live with yourself? You killed your own and now you’re all alone” — embody the rage of betrayal, punching you in the heart even as the track drowns you in crushing riffs. The title cut closes the disc in style and power, crossing the realms of post-hardcore and progressive metal while demonstrating the musical prowess of the band, leaving listeners gasping for breath while eager for more.

That combination of skill and discipline is what unites and unifies Exhumed, keeping the disc from coming off the rails and collapsing under the weight of its own dynamic range and feverish chaos. Matt and Devon’s fretwork employs everything from searing power to progressive bite to glimmering whispers. Kaiser’s technical drumming drives the beast forward while keeping it on a tight leash. Dylan’s basswork balances grit and masterful precision. And Anthony’s diverse presentation and sonic range can handle everything thrown his way. Together, they are bound by a common goal: Creating a sound unlike any other. As they say: “We all share one passion and we’ve come to see it through to the end.”

Exhumed was produced by Matt Fischetti and mastered by Ermin Hamidovic at Systematic Productions. Listen to the album above, check out the video for Solace below, and keep up with Farsight on their website, Instagram and Facebook.