Tuesday Mixtape (Side 1) | 83 Songs To Make Your Day Much Better


Well, I finally started watching The Beatles doc Get Back. Just got through Part 1. So far, so good. It’s pretty cool to watch Paul writing songs (including Get Back) right in front of your eyes. And to see John clowning around, but being right on point when it counts. Hell, it’s even interesting to watch Yoko sitting quietly and not breaking up the band. On the other hand, it’s hard not to feel sad for George and Ringo, who both seem pretty miserable. If you are also having a bad day at work and need your spirits lifted, look no further than today’s collection of 83 new singles, videos, cover tunes and remixes. It doesn’t include eight hours of rare footage, but it does feature a couple of dozen great songs you won’t find anywhere else. Today’s most royally entertaining numbers are tagged with a 👑. Try ’em on for size:



1 | The Sleights | It’s Not That Easy

2 | Kurstin x Grohl | The Hanukkah Sessions 2021: Copacabana

3 | Band of Horses | In Need of Repair

4 | Young Guv | Only Wanna See U Tonight

5 | Nick Vivid | Blackmail

6 | Modern Life Is War | Survival

7 | Boris | Drowning by Numbers

8 | Laura Jane Grace | Day Old Coffee

9 | Ana Egge | Heartbroken Kind (Live)

10 | Sam Weber | Already Know

11 | Field Drums | The Trouble With Public Places

12 | Black Country, New Road | Concorde

13 | Phoebe Bridgers | Day After Tomorrow

14 | Graphic Nature | Drain

15 | Goose | Sinnerman

16 | J. Robbins | Uncle John

17 | Billy Nomates | Christmas Is For Lovers, Ghosts & Children