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Urge Overkill | Saturation Double-Sided Promo Poster

According to Nash Kato, this vintage circular offering is worth thousands of dollars.


Here’s one of the more interesting promotional items I’ve acquired over the years: A two-sided, circular cardboard poster for Urge Overkill‘s landmark 1993 album Saturation.

I actually pulled it out of the archive last year when I interviewed Nash Kato and Eddie “King” Roeser about their superb comeback album Oui. You can see it HERE or below, hanging up over my shoulder. They were both suitably impressed that I still had the thing. I offered to send it to them if either one of them wanted it, but Nash said he thought his brother still had one — and then quipped that I should keep it because they were going for thousands of dollars on the Internet. I highly doubt that. But since Nash and Eddie don’t need it, I’d be happy to sell it to anybody out there who wants to give it a good home. Email me HERE if you’re interested.