mLau Introduce You To Blue Boy, Babylon Girl

Decadent hues drape the creatively expansive duo's latest stirring single & video.

mLau make a perfect match amid the late-night sensuality of their smouldering new single and video Blue Boy, Babylon Girl — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Fresh from the long-time friends’ breakthrough debut EP Locked In, the decadent cut shares “the story of a tormented, convulsive love, destined to touch the purity of feelings only when the sacrifice of innocence marks the poetic pair of truth and beauty,” mLau explain.

The voice, lyrics, and melodies of Maria Laura Ronzoni — teamed with Massimo Marraccini’s rhythmic and harmonic textures — summon a creative response to the profound sense of restlessness frustration, and claustrophobic isolation, they say. “It’s a way out of the tangle of an existential condition that sees us human beings as fragile and astonished witnesses of a surreal reality in which we find ourselves alone, but inexorably linked to each other and locked up. Or, more precisely — locked in.”

Locked In also includes the tracks No One Around, A Queen With No Head and Pinstripe Suit, along with an elegant, minimal, and highly personal electro-folk interpretation of Bob Dylan’s poetic masterpiece Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues. Watch Blue Boy, Babylon Girl above, listen to Locked In below, and follow mLau on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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