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Spoons Feed Fans Two New Anthologies

The Canadian synth-pop stars rewind, remaster & remix their four-decade career.

Spoons serve up some sweet seconds with two epic new compilations: The greatest hits album Repeatable and the star-studded remix disc Echoes — both showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Out now, the two discs are mesmerizing testaments to the indelible mark Spoons have left on generations of music collectors and lovers. Repeatable reunites fans with a career-spanning slate of the Canadian synth-popsters’ signature songs, while Echoes collects remixes from a host of artists, offering a wider glimpse into the group’s global impact and legacy.

Featuring four decades of beloved classics remastered, Repeatable encompasses Spoons’ earliest successes and later works to create the ultimate testament to one of the country’s most beloved synth-pop groups. From Nova Heart, Romantic Traffic and Old Emotions to their 2000s offerings in You Light Up and Escape With You, Repeatable celebrates the power and prowess of four kids from a small city who became staples for an entire generation of music fans.

For Derrick Ross, Rob Preuss, Gord Deppe and Sandy Horne — who went from hometown stages in Burlington to big-league gigs with the likes of The Police and Simple Minds — rewinding 40 years of recordings reminds them that theirs is a legacy cultivated with the help of many hands. “Players who performed on each album change, depending on which original album they were on,” Spoons note. Those on Repeatable include Scott Macdonald, Steve Kendry, Jeff Carter, Chris McNeil & Casey MQ.

Meanwhile, Echoes features an entirely different cast of VIPs — artists from the U.S., England and even Australia who reimagine Spoons classics to bring an entirely different light and life to their catalogue. Clive Farrington (When In Rome) reinterprets Romantic Traffic by injecting the cut with horns, rushing percussion, and layered harmonies. Gowan scores Arias & Symphonies with swooping piano melodies and his soaring signature vocals. Felix and The Foreshadow of California add their darkwave touch to Old Emotions, bringing a haunting emotive swing to the track that completely reinvents it.

Listen to Repeatable above, hear Echoes below, and keep up with Spoons at their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.