Monday Mixtape (Side 1) | 56 Songs That Belong On Your Playlist


The weather around here has been fantastic the past few days. I’m not sure if it’s the last gasp of summer, the latest sign of climate change or just one of those things. Either way, it’s been too nice to spend the day chained to the computer. So I haven’t. Thankfully, the music gods have done me the favour of keeping the load light today — just 56 new singles, videos, cover tunes and remixes for your enjoyment and amazement. Don’t worry; I still managed to dig up plenty of gems you won’t come across anywhere else. Today’s most-valuable players (which includes all the tracks in theis section) are tagged with a 💰. They’re cheap at twice the price:



1 | Naked Giants | Regular Guy

2 | Clinic | Refractions (In The Rain)

3 | Death Bells | Intruder

4 | Djinn | The Void

5 | Velvet Two Stripes | This House Is Built On Sand

6 | Urge Overkill | Freedom!

7+8 | Black Solstice | Ember

9+10 | Octale | Killing Time