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Late-Night TV Music (Later Edition) | Feb. 12, 2019

Kurt Vile, Gøggs, Leon Bridges and other prove everything old really is new again.

Better late than never, right? That’s always been my philosophy. And I’m far from alone, if Tuesday’s late-night TV musical segments are any sign. Although we’re already six weeks into 2019, rapper Gashi felt now was the time to go on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to proclaim that 2019 is gon’ be his year. I know this is how he feels because his song is called My Year and features the refrain: ‘This my year / This gon’ be my year / This gon’ be my year / This my year / This gon’ be my year / This gon’ be my year, my year, my year.’ Who can argue with that sort of iron-clad logic? Presumably not Kurt Vile, who was too busy yelling and yelping his way through his meandering, unfocused Bottle It In track Yeah Bones on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Also returning from the past: Ty Segall’s punk outfit Gøggs, whose L.A. club show from last year is still being recycled one song at a time on Last Call With Carson Daly. Yesterday brought the numbers Burned Entrance, Pre Strike Sweep and CTA. Maybe by spring we’ll be able to collect the whole set. And finally, since Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s staff were late posting their stuff on Tuesday, I’ve also included retro-soul man Leon Bridges’ two solid performances of Shy and Pony just for posterity. Because better etc.







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