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Albums Of The Week: We Are Scientists | Huffy

The big riffs, big choruses, big hooks & big fun never let up on the duo's seventh LP.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Beloved indie heroes We Are Scientists return with their first album in three years. The intoxicating album ushers in a bold new chapter for the band, delivering their the band’s most hit-tastic collection to date, thanks to the inclusion of recently acclaimed bangers I Cut My Own Hair and Fault Lines alongside new single Contact High.

We Are Scientists are holding nothing back and deliver a welcome shot in the arm for deprived indie disco dancers everywhere. Think jet-skis ripping across a jewel-green bay. Piña Coladas on ice, shredded in the blender. An alligator drops into a sick-ass guitar solo, then takes the last chorus up a notch with an unusual harmony you simply didn’t see coming.

Huffy’s 10 tracks were recorded and produced by the band, and mixed by ear-athlete Claudius Mittendorfer. Drawing as much from the angular guitar-driven sounds of their debut as it does from the finest in modern rock today, first single Contact High is raising the bar for the decade ahead. Celebrating the song’s potent delivery and unashamed lyrical sentiment, singer-guitsrist Keith Murray concludes, “it’s just nice to have a song that’s unapologetically sappy, but couched in distorted guitar and metaphors of coincidental intoxication.”

Huffy follows 2018’s Megaplex and the successful  “50th anniversary” reissue of With Love And Squalor. The fresh music is accompanied by an oh-so-fresh presentation: The multi-panelled vinyl and CD packaging offers a blank wall on which listeners can unfold their own unreasonable vision for the Huffy universe. Each includes sticker sheets with over 20 full0colour graffiti designed by the duo and their friends, deployable according to the user’s whim.

On Huffy’s mosaic form, bassist Chris Cain says, “Usually people bring a vinyl record home, rip it to their iPods, and throw it straight into the fire. Well, not with Huffy. We’re giving our listeners a reason to keep this one around, and even to consider passing it down to future generations, if they’re super-happy with where they put all the stickers.”