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Break out the air guitar and play along with the blues-rock throwbacks' fifth album.

WHAT I SAY: Screw imitation; authenticity is really the sincerest form of flattery. And blues-rock bands don’t come much more authentic-sounding than Bullfrog, this long-serving power trio from Italy. Yes, Italy. Not that you’ll be able to tell from this fifth album. From the slow-burn riffs and Bonhamesque grooves to the tight-trousered vocals, these throwback songs sound like they come from some long-lost disc that slipped through the cracks of time. Play it loud, break out your air guitar — and tape a copy for dad while you’re at it.

WHAT THEY SAY: “Excellent fifth studio disc by this killer hard rock power trio from Italy featuring 11 tracks of way-kool, blues-based, dynamic, retro-sonic-70s, heavy guitar rock music that delivers pure hard rock n’ roll for your soul. The three Bullfrog brothers dig in deep and lock down their vintage riffage with style & groove. Highly Recommended to fans of Humble Pie, Grand Funk, Budgie, Cactus, ZZ Top, Cream, Free, Led Zeppelin and other awesome ’70s guitar rockers on the third stone from the sun.”

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