JusJrdn Urgently Needs Ur Love

The Canadian hip-hopper blends high energy & infectious rhythms in his new single.


JusJrdn makes a spirited play to win Ur Luv in his upbeat new single and colourful lyric video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The first single from the Edmonton artist’s upcoming album Olympus, the infectious slice of feel-good hip-hop finds JusJrdn reflecting on new love after a real-life rough trip to rock bottom. “In May of 2018, as I was preparing to tour Europe, it all fell apart,” he recalls. “Some business deals went chaotic … My girlfriend left … I had hit a wall, and what followed was a period of isolation, depression and crippling anxiety. But then, after some time in isolation to heal and rejuvenate, reading and meditating daily, along with an intense workout and fasting schedule, I found my way back to the light — better, faster, stronger.”

Olympus is the result of his Herculean efforts. “The concept of this album originated once I started to take a deep dive into ancient Greek philosophy, exploring the idea that you are a god,” he shares. “I listen to a lot of podcasts, from a lot of people, and I found a lot of really cool, almost like ‘modern stoic’ quotes that fit into the whole Olympus vibe. I think they are small nuggets of wisdom, and this album we can learn something from. There is this power inside yourself that is intangible, unexplainable, and that being human is being godly. A lot of the growth I experienced as an artist came from growing as a human, and as a man. I learned a lot about myself while I created this art.”

Watch Ur Luv abuv … sorry, above, hear more from JusJrdn below, and learn a lot about him on his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.