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Next Week in Music | Sept. 27 – Oct. 3 • The Long List: 380+ Releases On The Way

All the albums heading for your playlist in the coming days — and plenty more.

Fun fact No. 1: Half of all bank robberies take place on Fridays. Fun fact No. 2: The vast majority of new albums — not to mention EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks and vinyl reissues — are also released on Fridays. Coincidence? Well, sure — unless you plan to score all of next week’s 380-plus releases, that is. In that case, start planning that heist while you peruse this massive playlist:



Abigail | Grotesque Nightmare
A Broken Design | Another Day in Hell Reissue
Ab6ix | Mo’ Complete
The Accidentals | Vessel
Actors | Acts of Worship
Added Color | Looking For You
Aiko | 食べた愛 / あたしたち
Air Supply | One Night Only: The 30th Anniversary Show
Arrows In Action | Be More
Artillery | By Inheritance Vinyl Reissue
Okyerema Asante | Drum Message (ft. Plunky)
Ashnikko | Panic Attacks in Paradise / Maggots
Asking Alexandria | See What’s On The Inside
Asthma & Młody | Never Forget (ft. KRS-One & DJ URE)
Asleep At The Wheel | Half A Hundred Years
Audiobooks | Astro Tough
Babyjake | The Sun Wakes Up Earlier Now
Babymetal | 10 Babymetal Budokan
BastarÐur | Satan’s Loss of Son
Nathan Bell | Red, White And American Blues (It Couldn’t Happen Here)
Benji & Spillage Village | Smile, You’re Alive!
Tony Bennett | Snowfall: The Tony Bennett Christmas Album (Reissue)
Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga | Love For Sale
Chuck Berry | Bio / Chuck Berry 75
Bestfriend | Places I’ve Lived EP
Betrayme | Níhil Óbstat EP
Bin | Dono das Esquinas
Walter Bishop Jr.’s 4th Cycle | Keeper of My Soul Reissue
Black Dice | Mod Prog Sic
Black Sabbath | Technical Ecstasy Deluxe Edition
Black Tape For A Blue Girl | The Cleft Serpent
Black Tape For A Blue Girl | The Cleft Serpent (Instrumental & Alternate Mixes)
Mark Blair | Badman Acid EP
Ray BLK | Access Denied
The Body / BIG|BRAVE | Leaving None But Small Birds
Jake Bowen | The Daily Sun
Boyoca | He’s A Fool EP
Boy! Racer | Cutting Corners
Boy Scouts | Wayfinder
Bummer | Dead Horse
Xander Cameron | Rebel RM Roseme
Brandi Carlile | In These Silent Days
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds | B-Sides & Rarities Part II
Caveman Cult | Blood and Extinction
Cellista | Pariah
Ceschi | They Hate Francisco False (15 Year Remastered Pressing)
Charles On TV | Truth & Lies EP
Charred | Prayers of Malediction
Cherie Amour | Internal Discussions
Cherym | Hey Tori
Tonia Evans Cianciulli | Hymns Of The Heart
Cindy | 1:2
Cipher | Blind
Circle of Dust | Circle of Dust 25th Anniversary Edition
CL | Alpha
Closure In Moscow | First Temple
CNJR | Themes Vol. 1
The Colorist Orchestra & Howe Gelb | Not On The Map
Perry Como | Lightly Latin / In Italy / Look To Your Heart / Seattle
Constant Follower | Neither Is, Nor Ever Was
The Control Freaks | Get Some Help
Ross Cooper | Chasing Old Highs Deluxe Edition)
Bonnie Cosby | Virginiana
Couplet | LP1
The Crayon Set | Downer Disco
Crystal Spiders | Morieris
Curved Light | Spirit Echo
Daedelus & Joshua Idehen | Standing In My Own Way (Part 1) ft. Miguel Atwood​-​Ferguson
Jerry David DeCicca | The Unlikely Optimist & His Domestic Adventures
Derosnec | Three Lives
Diagonal | 4
Diet Cig | I Don’t Like Driving Like I Used To EP
Dirty Nice | Lobster
Daniel Donato | Cosmic Country & Western Songs
Don’t Problem | Liminality
The Doobie Brothers | Liberté
Double Dagger | Sophisticated Urban Living (Contemporary Conveniences Edition)
Dragon Welding | Pond Life E​P
Vetrar Draugurinn | The Night Sky
Drtywhtvns | Aloof
Ducks Ltd. | Modern Fiction
Duel | In Carne Persona
Dying Wish | Fragments Of A Bitter Memory
Wendy Eisenberg | Bloodletting
Enslaved | Caravans to the Outer Worlds EP
Erockfor | Phoenix
Mike Etten | Love Wash
Explosions in the Sky | Big Bend (An Original Soundtrack for Public Television)
Simone Faraci | Echo Ex Machina
Freddy Fargo | For The Love Of Dance
Faultress | Nocturnes
Fear Connection | Progeny Of A Social Disease
FishXGrits | The Makings Of A P
Flesia | Trost
Mike Flips & Nord1kone | Spontaneous Combustion
Foamboy | My Sober Daydream
Foul Body Autopsy | Shadows Without Light: Part One
Reb Fountain | Iris
Four Stroke Baron | Classics
Thiago França presents A Espetacular Charanga do França | The Importance of Being Espetacular
JW Francis | Wanderkid
Albert Freeman | Iridescence
Fritch | We Lose Our Cool
Phillip Frobos (of Omni) | Vague Enough to Satisfy
Frontierer | Oxidized
Full Of Hell | Garden Of Burning Apparition
Garbage | beautifulgarbage 20th Anniversary Edition
Gaylord | Crown Of Joy ( A Sublime Sun Thriving Amongst Suicidal Stars)
Myriam Gendron | Ma Délire: Songs of Love Lost & Found
Honey Gentry | Dreamgirl
Girlhouse | The Second EP
Glok | Pattern Recognition
Goatpsalm & Horthodox | Ash
Goodbye Honolulu | Goodbye Honolulu
Goody Grace | Nostalgia Kills EP
Gràb | Zeitlang
Christo Graham | Graham’s General Store
Catherine Graindorge | Eldorado
Grateful Dead | Listen To The River: St. Louis ’71 ’72 ’73
Charlie Grey & Joseph Peach | Spiorachas: A High Place
Kit Grill | Fragile
Grizzlor | Hammer Of Life
Grmln | Laughing Shadow
Vincent Guaraldi Trio | A Charlie Brown Christmas (Limited Edition)
Gustaf | Audio Drag for Ego Slobs
Annabel Gutherz | Loose Ends
Kristof Hahn | Preludes
Zac Harmon | Long As I Got My Guitar
Madeline Hawthorne | Boots
HearThuG | Planet Rhythm X
Heiress | Distant Fires
Helheim | WoduridaR
The Hellp | Enemy
Clarence “Frogman” Henry | But I Do: The Complete Releases 1956-62
Himmellegeme | Variola Vera
Devin Hoff | Voices From the Empty Moor (Songs of Anne Briggs)
Suisei Hoshimachi | Still Still Stellar
Houschyar | Mavi EP
Hovvdy | True Love
Hrom | Legends of Powerheart: Part II
Keith Human | Leave Your Baggage By The Door Single
The Human Rights | Reggae Strong
Icewear Vezzo | Rich Off Pints 2
I Hold the Lion’s Paw | Lost in Place
Illuminati Hotties | Let Me Do One More
Imaginature | Imaginature
Infrared | From The Black Swamp
Victor Internet | Blue 2000
Inner Wave | Apoptosis
Jackie | My Best Years Single
Felix Jaehn | Breathe
Sarah Jaffe | The Championship EP
Jata | Crazy Game Of Phobias
Lauren Jauregui | Prelude
Jerro | Coming Home
Jimpster | Remixed
JoJo | Trying Not To Think About It
Josh Johnson | Trevor Noah Presents Josh Johnson: # (Hashtag)
Rudolph Johnson – The Second Coming Reissue
Rev. Jones | In The Key Of Z
The Junior League | Bridge and Tunnel
Kadtronic | Let’s Get Grimey
Kalabrese | Let Love Rumpel (Part 1)
Katatonia | Mnemosynean
Leah Kate | What Just Happened?
Katre | Behind The Resilience
Mat Kearney | January Flower Deluxe
King Of Sweden | The Training
Hus Kingpin | The Firm
Kitner | Shake The Spins
KK Priest | Sermons Of The Sinner
Knivad | Insidans Ärrvävnad
Mark Knopfler | The Studio Albums 1996-2007
Kohti Tuhoa | Väkivaltaa
Moritz Krämer | Die Traurigen Hummer
Kryptos | Force of Danger
Rina Lee | Change
Leisure | Side B EP
Liang 冷 | Xinteng 心疼
Light Of The Morning Star | Charnel Noir
Lil Lotus | Errør Boy Vinyl
Lil Wayne & Rich The Kid | Trust Fund Babies
The Liquor Store | Colossus
Kedr Livanskiy | Liminal Soul
Living Metal | Do You Believe in Steel?
Dusty Locane | Life Of A 5
Love Good Fail | Plain Single
Loveland Duren | Any Such Thing
Mark de Clive Lowe and Cosmic Vibrations | OLBAP Reimagined
Lvcrft | The Return
Lyfe | Paraiso Lofi
The Lyonz | Change In Colour
Ben Marc | Breathe Suite
The Mars Volta | The Bedlam in Goliath Vinyl Reissue
M.A.V. & Spanish Ran | Breakfast At Sues
Mazzo | Love Letter / Ride Into The Abyss
Kyle McKearney | Down-Home
Me Lost Me | The Circle Dance
Meek Mill | Expensive Pain
Pia Mia | My Side
Andy Mineo | Never Land II
Ministry | Moral Hygiene
Minni | Orange Flower Weep EP
Misty River | Promises
Logan Mize | Welcome to Prairieville
MMMΔ | Roto Vildblomma
Mod Con | Modern Condition
Moist | End Of The Ocean
Olan Monk | Auto Life EP
Sally Anne Morgan | Cups
Pete Moss | Birds Rock
Mötley Crüe | Shout at the Devil Reissue
Mungk | Temple of Mungk (The Remixes)
Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. | Live In Vegas
Musumeci | Discomagico
Mynas | Fear The Slave
Brett Naucke | Mirror Ensemble
NecroticGoreBeast | Human Deviance Galore
Haru Nemuri | Déconstruction
Newsboys | Stand
Lina Nikol | Who I Am
Nine Pound Hammer | When The Sh​*​t Goes Down
Nnovena | The Stopped Clock
Yann Novak | Bathed In Light And Rapture
N​.​W​.​R. | Next Week Revolution
Odonis Odonis | Spectrums
Oingo Boingo | Dead Man’s Party Remastered & Expanded
Oingo Boingo | Good For Your Soul Remastered & Expanded
Oingo Boingo | Nothing to Fear Remastered & Expanded
Oingo Boingo | Only a Lad Remastered & Expanded
1000 Bone Cylinder Explosion | Bind
Oompa | Unbothered
Orchid Mantis | Visitations
Michael Oscillate | Hyperbolic Hypnosis of Luminescence
Royel Otis | Campus EP
Oversense | Egomania
Buck Owens | Ain’t It Amazing, Gracie Reissue
Buck Owens | In The Palm Of Your Hand Reissue
Buck Owens | It’s A Monster’s Holiday Reissue
Josie Pace | Pure Morning
Paprika | Paprika
Anders Parker | Wolf Reckoning
Evan Parker | Winns Win
Molly Payton | Slack
Pepe Deluxé | General Deluxé
M Ross Perkins | Wrong Wrong Wrong / Bird Of The World Single
The Persian Leaps | Drone Etiquette
Petite Amie | Petite Amie
Phaser | Genesis
Pink Trash Can | What Are They Saying Is The PTC​?​
Jeremy Pinnell | Goodbye L.A.
Plain White T’s | American Nights Pink Vinyl
Pond | 9
The Pointer Sisters | The Pointer Sisters / That’s a Plenty
Ariel Posen | Mile End
Gabriele Poso | Tamburo Infinito
Fletcher Pratt | Dub Sessions, Vol. 5
Princess Century | Surrender
John Prine | Fair & Square Deluxe Edition
Taylor Rae | Mad Twenties
Raise A Suilen | Domination To World
Rudy Raw & Myríad | Passage of Time
Reaping Asmodeia | Darkened Infinity
Red On | Ordinary Ghosts
Heinz Riegler | Pear Feet and Square Words
R.I.Pablo | Bug Lyf EP
Chase Rice | The Album Vinyl
Matt Robidoux | At Dust
Mark Rogers | Rhythm of the Roads
Roman Lions | Gradients
Ralphi Rosario & Xaviera Gold | You Used To Hold Me Vinyl Single
Lily Rose | Stronger Than I Am
Caitlin Rose | Own Side Now Deluxe Anniversary Edition
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra | Bond 25
Röyksopp | Lost Tapes
Loren Rush | Dans le Sable
Ruumisto | Nälkäjärvi
Ustad Saami | East Pakistan Sky
Saint Abdullah | To Live A La West Pt. 2
Saint DX | Unmixtape
Jacob Sartorius | Lost But Found EP
The Scars In Pneuma / Ogen | Split EP
The Script | Tales From the Script
Kit Sebastian | Melodi
Secondhand Sound | Best & Worst Of Times
Shad | Tao
Jeremy Shada | Vintage
David Shea | The Art Of Memory
Daniel Sherman | Uncaged
Shirovw | Nozomu
Paula Shocron / William Parker / Pablo Díaz | El Templo
Sidoka | Shh.…
Silas Short | Drawing EP
Silt | Contact High EP
6:33 | Feary Tales For Strange Lullabies: The Dome
Skam | Venous
Rogério Skylab | Caos e Cosmos 1
Slow Meadow | Happy Occident Reworks
Sluka | Figure It Out
Smote | Drommon
Snares Of Sixes | Moonbladder
Snow Man | Snow Mania
Son Lux | Tomorrows Reworks
Liotta Soul | Cool EP
Sounds Like Harmony | The War Outside (Part One)
John Southworth | Rialto
The Specials | Protest Songs: 1924 -2012
Spector | Now Or Whenever
Joshua Speers | Midnight Horses EP
Spiteful Bum | We Have Blud
Spy | Habitual Offender
Brion Starr | A Night To Remember
Colin Stetson | Mayday Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Becca Stevens, Gisela João, Justin Stanton, Louis Cato, and Michael League | Mirrors EP
Matthew Stevens | Pittsburgh
Tim Story | Moebius Strips
Strand of Oaks | In Heaven
Stuff | More Treats EP
Sugababes | One Touch 20th Anniversary
Sulk Rooms | First Vows
Sun Atoms | Let There Be Light
Geir Sundstøl | St​.​ Hanshaugen Steel
Survivalism | Sepehr
Swellshark | All of My Almost
SW2 ft Joe Armon-Jones | Hither Green Glide / For The People
Sylvie | Sylvie EP
TAK + Brandon Lopez | Empty And/Or Church of Plenty
Roger Taylor | Outsider
John Tejada | Year of the Living Dead Remixes
Sam Teskey | Cycles
Theodore Wild Ride | Theodore Wild Ride
The The | The Comeback Special
They Fell From The Sky | Decade
Threshing Spirit | Not Out But Through
Tirzah | Colourgrade
Torture Of Hypocrisy | Humanufacture
Rob Travolta | Slumber Soul
Oliver Tree and Little Big | Welcome To The Internet EP
T-Rell | Too Big To Ignore
Tresor | Tresor 30
Tricky Woo | Rock and Roll Music Part One Vinyl Reissue
Tricky Woo | Sometimes I Cry Vinyl Reissue
Tricky Woo | The Enemy Is Real Vinyl Reissue
Tri State Corner | Stereotype
Joe Tullos | Vessels
Twice | The Feels
266sx | Rave of Redemption
Kali Uchis & SZA | Fue Mejor
United Defiance | Change The Frequency
Universe Nekoko | 日のあたる場所にきてよ
Uriel | Multiverse Reissue
Valley | Last Birthday EP
Vampires Everywhere! The Awakening EP
Various Artists | The Daptone Super Soul Revue Live At The Apollo
Various Artists | Dreaming EP
Various Artists | Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Various Artists | Home Alone Christmas Vinyl Reissue
Various Artists | Kulintang Kultura: Danongan Kalanduyan and Gong Music of the Philippine Diaspora
Various Artists | Life Is Strange: True Colors – Wavelengths
Various Artists | The Metallica Blacklist Vinyl
Various Artists | Mighty Fine: An Austin City Limits Tribute To Walter Hyatt
Various Artists | Shouts 21
Various Artists | Silence Is A Dangerous Sound: A Tribute To Fugazi
Various Artists | Tresor 30
Varnok | Anthropogenic
Velvet Starlings | Tecnhicolour Shakedown
Viikatory | Maiden Voyage EP
Wage War | Manic
Micah Walk | Among The Stars
Wallowing / Slabdragger / Thin / Vixen Maw | Split Album
Wiki | Half God
Dar Williams | I’ll Meet You Here
T. Wilds | Ten Songs
Wingless | Nonconform
WLOTS | Paperking
Work Party | My Best Days Are Behind Me
Wormholes | Light In The Dark
Graham Wright | The Cost Of Doing Business
Yes | The Quest
Neil Young | The Neil Young Official Bootleg Series — Carnegie Hall 1970
Yungmorpheus & Eyedres | Affable With Pointed Teeth
Hans Zimmer | No Time To Die
Zoë | Back Into The Light
Zoodrake | Seven
Jeremy Zucker | Crusher