Kele Fleming Does The Walk Of Life In Me Oh My

The Victoria singer-songwriter ponders big life changes on her latest single.

Kele Fleming looks backward to move forward on her personal new single and video Me Oh My — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Written by the Victoria folk-pop singer-songwriter’s longtime collaborator and friend Ron Yamauchi, Me Oh My finds Fleming balancing past experiences, big life changes and hope for the future — while stretching vocally from calm reflection to an emotional roar that reflects the song’s powerfully personal lyrics.

“I can hear the intensity of the emotion I was feeling at the time in my vocal performance,” says Fleming of the track, originally recorded for Fleming’s 2016 album No Static. “I was hopeful and fierce that the shifts and changes I was following in my life would bring me peace and love.”

The accompanying video, she says, is “a love letter to Vancouver” that depicts “walking as a life metaphor.” While home during the pandemic, Fleming has been honing her newfound video skills; she edited the video herself with footage of her own walks around Vancouver during three seasons in 2020.

“You see my feet walking through different cityscapes and also reflected and refracted views of the wet city through the windows of city buses and the Skytrain,” Fleming explains. “Walking became a meditation on how to stay connected to the world around me during the pandemic and this video reflects that. Fun fact about me revealed by this video: My love of shoes!”

Watch the video for Me Oh My above, hear more from Kele Fleming below, and keep up with her via her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.