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Sheila Soares | Les Fraises Sur La Lune: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Toronto singer-songwriter is over the moon with her latest single and video.

Sheila Soares serves up Les Fraises Sur La Lune in her latest single and video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The second single from the Toronto singer-songwriter’s March 2019 debut All There Is — which I reviewed HERE — the whimsical, sweetly swinging number is set to a lighthearted video filmed by Jordan O’Connor (who also plays bass on the album). The clip captures Soares and pal Courtney Lake enjoying one of the last summer evenings on a breezy rooftop patio full of friendship, dance and song.

The song came about one night when Sheila was attempting to view the much-touted Strawberry Full Moon and actually found the sight — although beautiful as the moon is wont to be — rather lacking in the strawberry department! Her love of the French language came into play as she was inspired to create Les Fraises Sur La Lune. The central message is that even if things seem impossible in reality, it’s important to keep dreaming and be determined to seek the things for which you search. Be it love, happiness, friendship, or whatever your heart desires, it’s important never to give up!

Les Fraises Sur La Lune is one of the many treats found on the impressive All There Is, a collection of seven songs by Soares. The album was recorded at Number Nine Audio in Toronto, and features producer Eric St-Laurent on guitar, Jordan O’Connor on bass, Jeff McLeod on piano and organ, and Chris Wallace on drums and percussion. The album is a testament to the years of hard work that led her to this point.

“I’ve been a musician as far back as I can remember — singing, playing piano,” she says. “And as a woman of a certain time and place, there was a lot of pressure to follow a certain ‘safe’ path — career, marriage, kids, etc. But almost everything I pursued connected to music in some way, because it’s like breathing to me.”

That safe path took a dramatic turn for Soares in 2011 when she suffered a serious illness and had to temporarily step away from her career as a teacher. But she held on to the music, continuing to sing to get through the pain. From there, she took her first tentative steps into the Toronto jazz community, which would ultimately inspire Soares to adopt a serious regimen of music study and practice. Songs began flowing from there, and soon she was performing with some of the top players within the scene.

Upon reflection, she says, “part of me wishes I could have made it here sooner in life, but like many things I’ve done over time, it wouldn’t have been the same version of me at those times. So, I’m grateful for everything that’s happening now and for the fact that there are no time limits in life to do anything. We have to keep trying. We’re only here once.”

Watch Les Fraises Sur La Lune above, listen to All There Is below, and keep up with Sheila Soares on her website and Twitter.