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Meryem Saci | Eyes On Me: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Montreal singer-songwriter shares a second single from her upcoming EP.

Meryem Saci showcases her 20/20 vision and laser focus on her empowering single and video Eyes On Me — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The second single from the multi-cultural, multi-faceted and multi-talented Montreal singer-songwriter’s upcoming EP, Eyes On Me is “a fierce and sexy ode to reclaiming one’s power and to not playing victim anymore,” she explains. “It’s a sultry R&B bop with a mix of trap and Arabian melodies, calling for the opening of the third eye and paying attention to energy vampires. I started the process of this song two years ago; I knew the direction and the theme of the song but I had writer’s block for a whole year. Turned out I had to live through a few experiences to find the right words.

“It all came to me right in the midst of a draining breakup that forced me to dig deeper within, reclaim my power and understand certain patterns — to open my eyes to truly see what was going on within the toxicity of the relationship. I had to realize that I was allowing the emotional whirlwind and BS to persist. I had to remember the badass that I am while embracing my shortcomings and vulnerability. It turned out to be a great teacher to refocus the energy within. However the spirit of the song goes out to any situation where we feel stepped on, preyed on, abused, played and to heal enough to be able to listen to our intuition and honour it.” Click on the photo below to watch the video on YouTube.

Also helping her focus her energies: Collaborators JYCE (who produced the beat), bassist Emile Farley and Algerian percussionist Youcef Grim (who played on the track), director Dezzedin, videographer VEKA and producer Rin Eadie. But as the song makes crystal clear, it’s Saci who will have your undivided attention — thanks to the singer-songwriter and emcee’s vibrant vocal range and diverse influences. Taking cues from both old-school soul and R&B icons (Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Lauryn Hill and Mariah Carey) and current artists (Jazmine Sullivan, H.E.R., SIR, Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes), Saci commands the stage, fusing raps and melodies in English, French and Arabic, serenading listeners and sharing her soul — all atop an eclectic fusion of contemporary sounds and styles anchored by primal, high-energy Afro-Arabian rhythms that connect traditional instruments with digital production.

It’s a sound every bit as powerful and resilient as her life. Meryem was born and raised in Algeria during what is now known as the Black Decade, the deadliest civil war the country had to face. Raised by a single mother in a very hostile environment, Meryem would lock herself in her mother’s bedroom/beauty salon and perform in front of the mirror for hours to escape the outside chaos. Faced with poverty, war and extreme discrimination against women, her mother decided to flee the country and give her daughter a chance for a brighter future. They landed in Montreal as political refugees and since then, Meryem has honoured that bold move by dedicating her life to music and her family.

Photo by Darwin Doleyres.

She is best known as one of the lead vocalists of the multilingual supergroup Nomadic Massive. A staple of Montreal hip-hop, they toured France, the U.S. and Canada extensively for 15 years. Outside of Nomadic Massive, Meryem has worked with long-time collaborator Narcy, teaming most recently on the Anghami Cypher 2019. As a solo artist she was featured on IAM’s latest album Rêvolution, whose song Bien plus beau graced the soundtrack to the Netflix series Iron Fist. Her previous solo mixtape On My Way is an introduction to her diverse sonic universe as an artist seeking refuge, guidance and solace in music. Co-produced with composer and producer Mario Sevigny, On My Way is infused with firsthand stories of love, determination, struggle, social commentary and displacement. The project came together organically, finding an upbeat, fun and moving sound that bridges influences from both sides of the Atlantic.

Meryem is a passionate changemaker and remains actively involved with different community and charity events, performing and hosting writing workshops at high schools and universities. She is frequently invited to speak about her experiences as a refugee and an artist.

Watch Eyes On Me above, and connect with Meryem Saci via her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.