Barry Haggarty Shares Some Personal Moments

The Ontario singer-songwriter reflects on love, life and memory in his latest single.


Barry Haggarty reflects on life’s most meaningful Moments for his latest single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Arriving two months after the release of his third solo studio album Consider Me Undecided, Moments is a moving classical-folk ballad featuring beautiful acoustic guitar, a haunting Zeppelinesque flute melody and angelic vocal harmonies from backup singer Kate Suhr.

Though Haggarty doesn’t disclose exactly what inspired the song, his lyrics are telling and vulnerable enough to give you a vague idea. It’s all about love, memory, time and reflection — recalling and appreciating all the moments that serve as links in the chain of a loving relationship.

Consider Me Undecided, Haggarty’s first record in more than 15 years, was born from the ambition to create a project that oozed “musical diversity.” From rock, to pop, to country and then back to folk, classical and jazz, all 13 original tracks offer something completely different.

Fittingly, Haggarty enlisted different session musicians, with a variety of different sonic expertise, to record the songs live in his studio. Haggarty kept editing and post-production to a minimum, to maintain an old-school vibe. “That’s what this project is: real live players in the studio making music,” he says.

Before kicking off his own solo career, Haggarty played guitar for the legendary Ronnie Hawkins — where he also had the pleasure of playing with Bob Dylan and The Band — as well as with The Family Brown. In 1999, he formed his own touring band and began recording his own music. After a decade of touring solo, the multi-talented musician joined forces with Bentwood Rocker to record 1982’s Take Me to Heaven album. Haggarty was later inducted into the Peterborough Pathway of Fame in 2013, and has been nominated for Guitar Player of the Year three years in a row at the CCMAs.

Watch Moments above and listen to Consider Me Undecided below.