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RIP Doug Inglis of Goddo

Solid, understated & always in the pocket, he was one of Canada's finest drummers.

I just read that Goddo drummer Doug Inglis apparently passed away the other day of unspecified causes. That’s a shame. He was one of my favourite drummers back in the day — rock solid, tasetfully understated, and always grooving right in the pocket. He only played a small, simple kit, but it was clearly all he needed to get the job done — and done right.

I only met him once — backstage at one of the umpteen Goddo gigs I saw over the decades — so I can’t say I knew him. But he seemed like a good guy during our brief conversation. And surely there must be a special place in the afterlife for anybody who plays with Greg Godovitz for as long as he did. Anyway, today seemed like a good time to pull out my promo poster for their 1981 Pretty Bad Boys album, whose title cut gave them their biggest radio hit (and earned them an absurdly late Juno nomination for Most Promising Group, which they lost to Saga, of all things). I’m pretty sure I used to have a poster for An Act Of Goddo as well, but damned if I can find it anymore. Anyway, in the pic above, that’s Doug on the right, in the leopard skin. So, along with being a great drummer, he was clearly the handsomest member of the band. Of course, I’d be lying if I said the album is their finest moment — for that, I would recommend any of their first three releases, though I’m personally partial to 1979’s aforementioned An Act Of Goddo, which featured longer, looser tracks and deeper grooves that let Inglis stretch his legs and work his mighty magic. Rest in peace, Doug. Thanks for all the great music.