Thursday Mixtape | 118 Songs To Check Out Right Now (Side 2)

I am old enough (and then some) to remember the glory days of Creem magazine. I used to read it religiously every month. Not only did it help hone my musical taste; it’s safe to say I probably wouldn’t have this gig had I not been exposed to the twisted genius of Lester Bangs and co. as an impressionable young tadpole. So naturally, I was pleased to learn that ‘America’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll Magazine’ is going to start publishing again — both online and in print. If they’re even half as irreverent as they were back then, they can count on my subscription. If you feel the same, check out the animated commercial that I included on Side 1 for shiggles (well, that and because I’m hoping they’ll be nice enough to give me a discount on that sub — I’m not made of money, you know). After that, be sure to check out the rest of the these 118 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes and unburied treasures — including a few dozen you won’t find anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a ✔️. Boy howdy:



✔️25 | Michigander | Stay Out Of It

26 | Alt-J | Get Better (De Beauvoir Session)

27 | Aidan Bissett | Twenty Something

✔️ 28 | Wunderhorse | Leader Of The Pack

29 | Yours Truly | Careless Kind

30 | El Cairo | Private Games

✔️31 | Blue Orchids | What Thing Is Man?

32 | Modern Rituals | Scummeth

33 | Pencey Sloe | The Run I. & II


✔️ 34 | The Beths | Expert In A Dying Field

35 | Eliza Niemi | Walking Feels Slow

36 | Blue Luminaire | Held (ft. Lucky Lo)

37 | Ivytide | Moving Song

38 | Unhappybirthday | Transit

39 | Ásgeir | Snowblind

40 | Agaama | Which Way

41 | The Variable Stars | Junkfood Romance


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