Arsenal Mills Sing Song About Love Called Songs About Love

The Charlottetown quartet tug at the heartstrings with a Bryan Adams-style ballad.

Arsenal Mills deliver some sincerly heavy meta in their romantic new single and video Songs About Love — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Just in time to soundtrack your summer crush, the P.E.I. blues-rockers are back with a classic ballad that tugs at the heartstrings. Arsenal Mills frontman Brad Milligan says it “touches on the idea of innocence” and that it’s about “being young and naive … I wanted the main character to be someone who hasn’t experienced all the joys and heartache that love brings. All they know about love is what they’ve heard about it in songs on the radio, which to me is such an interesting concept.”

With that concept in mind, the track kicks off with a piano hook played by one-off guest pianist Ben Aitken. Slap on a soulful electric guitar solo, tickling drum fills, a singalong chorus and vocals reminiscent of Bryan Adams, and you’ve got a track to raise your lighters and your spirits.

Spawned from a combination of new wave, blues and R&B influences, Arsenal Mills — singer and guitarist Milligan, lead guitarist Griffen Arsenault, drummer Josh MacNeil and bassist/keyboardist André Uyterlinde — have made it their mission to reimagine modern rock in unique and refreshing ways. The Charlottetown quartet have opened for the likes of Kim Mitchell, The Glorious Sons and Wintersleep (among others) and been nominated for both New Artist of the Year and Rock Recording of the Year by Music PEI.

While you want for their upcoming EP, check out Songs About Love above, hear more from Arsenal Mills below, and share the love on Facebook and Instagram.