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Next Week in Music | Dec. 13-19 • The Long List: 150 Releases On The Way

I could listen to all this week's releases standing on my head. And maybe I will.


Only 150 new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes? I could listen to all that standing on my head. And maybe I will. You do you. In the meantime, here’s the whole list:



Age Of Athena | Gate To Oblivion
Taru Alexander | Echoes of the Masters
Anorak Patch | Delilah / Blue Jeans
Apes | Lullabies For Eternal Sleep
A River of Trees | The River Wizard
Michel Banabila | Echo Transformations
Bedlam | Live At the Golden Pony
Behemoth | In Absentia Dei
Chuck Berry | Live From Blueberry Hill
Bestia Ater | Anno.Bestia.Chrysallis Reissue
Rick Biddulph | Second Nature
Big Fat Meanies | Bad Hand EP
Bones In Butter | Stop Dancing Now
Bootstrap Boys | New Beginnings
Brute Force Trauma | World is Burning
BVDLVD | Throat Infection EP
C&K | CK Token
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis | Les Panthère Des Neiges Soundtrack
Che Noir | Food For Thought
Chief Keef | 4NEM
Edward Cigarettearms | The Tales Of Mista Bumcrack
Cirith Ungol | Frost And Fire Vinyl Reissue
Cobra Starship | Hot Mess Vinyl Reissue
Conclave | The Remixes EP
Confucius MC | Somewhere
Consider the Source | Hybrid Vol. 1: Such As A Mule
Crimeapple | Oven Fresh
C.Z. | Heat Index
Dekeyden | Inner Reality EP
Deliberate Miscarriage | Mortuary Melodies
Dessa | Ides
Draconian | Arcane Rain Fell Reissue
Draconian | Where Lovers Mourn Reissue
John Dwyer, Ryan Sawyer, Greg Coates, Wilder Zoby + Andres Renteria | Gong Splat
Eallic | Rake of the Astral Leviathan
Ejeca | Take It EP
Roddy Ellias’ Free Spirit Ensemble | Not this Room
Eusebeia | The Sun, The Moon + The Truth
Fargue | Ruines, Irradiées
Ginny Flowens | Trying EP
John Fogerty | Blue Ridge Rangers Reissue
Fokis | Seasons Change, People Too: The Experiment
Forsaken | Arcology Market / Left In Ruins Single
Foxtrails | Kaweah
Raz Fresco & Dibia$e | Secret Wars
Futuristic | Don’t Wanna Be Famous
Beverly Glenn-Copeland | Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy / WOORMS | Various Plants and Animals Under Domestication Split
Nathan Gray & The Iron Roses | Rebel Songs
Gypsy Pistoleros | Livin la Vida Loca!
Hed (P.E.) | Califas Worldwide
Hell’s Coronation | Silver Knife Mysticism
Hel’s Throne | Ravens Flight Reissue
Hidden Rivers | Golden Age Of Dereliction
H.O.U.N.D.S. | Vile
Icarus Phoenix | June Audio Live Sessions
Infected Youth | The History of The Necronomicon
Ivvy | Pie5e
Jamiroquai | Travelling Without Moving 25th Anniversary Edition
Jozalle | Falling Single
The Jukebox Romantics | Fires Forming
Isoyama Jun | Sing for You
Just Before Dawn | In the Realm Of Ash & Shadow
Kadavereich | Radiance Of Doom
Hannu Karjalainen | Luxe
Takaya Kawasaki | Calendar
Kings Of Sweden | Falling Down
Kirara | 4
Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer | The Matrix Resurrections Soundtrack
Koralle | Still Life
Anna Larson | Returned Light
Local Suicide & Skelesys | You Are Mine EP
Mad Butcher | Metal Meat
Johnny Marr | Fever Dreams Pt 2 EP
Matrimony | Kitty Finger Reissue
Hatsune Miku | Galaxy Live 2021
MisterWives | Stepped On a Bee
Movements | Live At Studio 4
Murder Van | Crooked Smiles EP
My Morning Jacket | Okonokos Vinyl Reissue
NCT | Universe
Nektar | Retrospective 1969​-​1980
New Grass | Scordatura Perforations
NLE Choppa | Me vs. Me
Operation Cleansweep | Release Now! The Call To Die
Orsak:Oslo | Skimmer/ Vemod
Osay | Best Of Me
Ed Pettersen | The Problem With Livia
Phalanx Inferno Melek-Tha | Order Of Eternal Indifference
The Piaggio Soul Combination and Lakeetra Knowles | Soultimate
Phobetor | Through Deepest Fears And Darkest Minds
Robert Pollard | From A Compound Eye Vinyl Reissue
Pom Pom Squad | Ow EP Vinyl Reissue
Popcorn Kid | Memory Tapes
Powerwolf | Blood Of The Saints 10th Anniversary Edition
OSQuinn | The Worst Album You’ve Ever Heard (Side A) / Renovation Tapes Vol. 1
Rhode & Brown | Good Things Come To Those Who Fade
Roddy Ricch | Life Life Fast
Romoni Inomor | Love (Never Alone) Single
Roomies | The Roomies
Rswll | Hibernus
Sacrifice | Total Steel
Schedule 1 | Schedule 1
Shady Glimpse | Supreme Gift
Shotgun Facelift | Dakota Blood Stampede
(Sic)Boy As Sid The Lynch | Vanitas
Skyline | Fiction or Reality?
Slow Burning Rage | Slow Burning Rage
Small Jackets | Just Like This!
SovRin | Showtime
Dina Summer | Who Am I EP
Summers Sons | Nostalgia Deluxe Version
Morjane Ténéré | Birth EP
Soichi Terada | Asakusa Light
Thoughtcrime | Thoughtcrime EP
TMSV | The Glow
Le Tout Sur Le Tout | All About All
Luigi Tozzi | Deep Blue: Volume 3
Joseph Trapanese | The Witcher: Season 2 Soundtrack
Tricot | 上出来 (Jodeki)
Zane Trow | Traces
Twice | Doughnut
Various Artists | Black Cat Mystery
Various Artists | Blade Runner Black Lotus Soundtrack
Various Artists | The Capitol Sessions: Songs from a Rock Palace That Impacted the World
Various Artists | Chicha Popular: Love & Social Political Songs from Discos Horoscopo 1977​-​1987
Various Artists | Cuba: Music and Revolution – Culture Clash in Havana: Experiments in Latin Music 1975-85 Vol. 2
Various Artists | Duploc 2021 Collection
Various Artists | The North Quarter: NQ State of Mind, Vol. 2
Various Artists | On In Out
Various Artists | Sing 2 Soundtrack
Various Artists | Six Years Of Shall Not Fade
Franck Vigroux | Atotal
Jay Wadley | Swan Song Soundtrack
Eli Wallace | Precepts
Warhol.SS | Where’s Warhol 2
Weiland | Blaming Myself
Wolf Alice | In the Bleak Midwinter
Wolftopia | Ways of the Pack
Worst Party Ever | Dartland
Wound | Serpent Crown
Aoi Yamazaki | Roots
Yellowcard | One For The Kids Reissue
Yosh | The Warning EP
Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention | 200 Motels 50th Anniversary Edition
Zola | The Kid EP