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Indie Roundup | 85 Songs To Make Good Friday Even Better (Part 5)

Los Straitjackets, Delvon Lamarr, Howling Giant and more acts making a day of it.

Los Straitjackets take the James Gang surfing, the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio find a new groove, Howling Giant stretch out that alteration, Carbon Memory go the distance — but will you make it the end of the Good Friday Weekend Roundup? God only knows:


61 | Los Straitjackets | Funk #49

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “America’s #1 masked gang of surf rockers take on a rival gang: The James Gang! Los Straitjackets cover the groovy Funk #49 and add their signature surf-rock edge to the track. Grab your surfboard and vibe out!”

62 | Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio | Jimmy’s Groove

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio’s new single Jimmy’s Groove is out now. It’s the last tune from the I Told You session that’s part of a forthcoming pt. 1 / pt. 2 45 from DLO3.”

63 | Howling Giant | Alteration

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Nashville’s Howling Giant invite you to a seven-minute cosmic journey of fire and fury with their breathtaking new single Luring Alluring Rings. The band is set to release their EP Alteration on April 20. Says drummer Zach Wheeler: “The inspiration for this song came from our Halloween stream where one of the Twitch chat participants suggested the title Luring Alluring Rings. We kept this one the most true to “jam-form” with a few tweaks to leave a little more room for Marshall to explore the space. With this being Marshall’s first release with the band, we wanted to showcase what he’s been working on since the start of the pandemic.”

64 | Carbon Memory | Distance

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Carbon Memory are an alt-rock band that use magnetic guitars and contemplative lyrics to create sonic snapshots that oscillate between a sense of nostalgia and optimism. The band’s upcoming EP Tourist was produced by Graham Walsh and features their most compact and direct work yet. Lead single Distance uses hazy, ethereal shoegaze textures to evoke a sense of glitchy nostalgia.”

65 | Steel & Timber | Don’t Say No

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Calgary roots band Steel & Timber the release of their self-titled album, which will be out May 28. Today marks the release of the first single Don’t Say No. Full of remorse and longing, it captures the wistful feeling of wishing you could go back in time. “This is a song of regret and the agony reliving a moment you could have changed,” says lead vocalist Nathan Harris-Thompson. “The torment of not knowing if things might be different, if you had made different choices.”

66 | jjoey | Sinking Songs

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “N.Y.C. artist jjoey wrote and recorded his new album himself in his Brooklyn apartment. “I spent a lot of time with that album mixing organic sounds with unnatural synthetic elements and wanted to do something completely different,” he says. After many years of writing and recording music both independently and with bands and collaborators, jjoey came to fruition as an outlet to simply to share and give some form of life to these songs and recordings outside of his hard drive. As of right now, everything is written, recorded and produced by jjoey.”

67 | Giri Peters | Fallin’

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Giri Peters is a 16-year-old singer-songwriter in Nashville. He is a multi-instrumentalist and has won many awards for his skillful playing on instruments such as violin, guitar, and mandolin. He is releasing an original single, entitled “Fallin’” on which he sang lead vocals, harmony vocals, and played all of the guitar heard throughout the song. The drums and percussion heard in the song were played by Neil Mason of Cadillac Three. Giri also produced the entire song, and mixing work was done by Dan Knobler. Giri wrote this song in fall of 2020 when he was experiencing emotional lows due to the pandemic. He wrote this song with the metaphor of falling, but in the end it is about how you have to let go and start at the bottom so you can get back up.

68 | CNJR & Christopher Richards | The Forest Follows the Darkness

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Forest Follows the Darkness is starkly introspective, hypnotic, and eerily familiar. With this release, CNJR explore a cinematic palette, combining organic strings & instrumentation with layers of synthesizers and digital production. Says CNJR: “The Forest Follows The Darkness came out of a writing session originally inspired by several Netflix shows I was watching and their soundtrack counterparts. I often pull from moments that impact me emotionally, and for me that perfect moment where a show or film combines with music to vastly enhance the moment is really impactful. I love the feeling of epic, deep, emotional moments and I set out to capture something that fused a soundtrack feel with a contemporary classical approach, while still having a dark synth element to it.”

69 | Ben Conley | Noah Mount

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Ben Conley displayed a Kool Aid Man-level fervor on last month’s just-over-a-minute-long punk single Thanks For Something. Now, with confessional new single Noah Mount, Ben leans into his love of gritty blues rock, and it’s a certified groover. He says: “Noah Mount confronts how long it takes to really get to know someone and that, when relationships end abruptly and without closure, no amount of guilt or regret is going to change anything that happened; nor will it help anyone understand you better.”

70 | Bobby Oroza | Loving Body

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Bobby Oroza drops his new song Loving Body. A tune that is as seductive as it is profound. Oroza is not your average Joe, and this is not your average roses and chocolates song. Bobby sings about his desire to become one loving body in the way two rivers become one sea. A beautiful song about attraction and love that will be an instant staple in the sweet soul world and beyond. This is the B side of Bobby’s latest 45.”

71 | Teis Ortved | Leave

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Leave is the first single from jazz/electronic producer Teis Ortved’s forthcoming debut album Parks At Night. Leave blends melancholic piano with vibraphone, saxophones and violins (played by Teis’ sister) to create a beautiful array of sonics. Ortved is a young talent from Copenhagen. Indeed, Parks at Night could easily provide the soundtrack for a recently unearthed Hans Christian Anderson story. In 14 moves, the multi-instrumentalist tells us the tale of his relatively short journey so far with confidence that belies his age. There’s no ego or showboating here as this modest musician brings together seemingly disparate technologies with apparent ease, marrying sequenced beats and plaintive pianos overlaid by ethereal vocals that take his very special music somewhere otherworldly.”

72 | Ghost Funk Orchestra | Asphalt Homeland

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Ghost Funk Orchestra are a mystery. Plain and simple. Dirty, soulful production, verbed and fuzzed out guitars, mysterious vocals that feel like a lost score to a Quentin Tarantino film. The brainchild of one-man producer/musician/arranger Seth Applebaum, GFO is forging new territory and blurring the line between soul and psychedelic. Asphalt Homeland is a fuzzy, groovy laid-back track with a nice horn hook. Epic style with drums, bass, guitars, horns and a violin solo in the end.”

73 | Goregäng | Long Live The Grime

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Florida studio duo Goregäng have released the first single from their upcoming EP Long Live The Grime. Studio partners Jeramie Kling and Taylor Nordberg have announced that the EP will be out April 30, which is their first release since their debut album Neon Graves, released in 2019.”

74 | Mark Trecka | Wave Games

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The album Acknowledgment is Mark Trecka’s most complete and realized vision. Recorded with voice, piano and homemade tape loops, it’s a deeply personal and political intertextual document that has remained a work in progress for the past 15 years but feels incredibly vital now as crumbling institutions have exposed the lie that our lives are not intimately intertwined with each other.”

75 | Dazluz | Grave

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Grave is Dazluz’s cry of despair in the midst of the continuous chaos in Brazil in 2021. Made with samples of broken instruments, a fast latin orchestra is formed in the sound that mixes breakbeat with hip-hop and dialogues with house, jungle and hardcore. A harsh and cavernous vocal crosses the music with a poetic lyrics, it connects madness.”