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Next Week in Music | May 27 – June 2 • The Long List: 430+ Releases On The Way

All the new music heading your way in the coming days — and then some.

Today in musical birthdays: Lauryn Hill turns 49 (though she probably won’t show up until she’s 50), Lenny Kravitz is 60, Hank Williams Jr. is 75, Stevie Nicks turns 76, Guess Who drummer Gary Peterson hits 79 — and in the posthumous category, guitarist Mick Ronson would be 78, Levon Helm would be 84, Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit would be 78, Miles Davis would be 98 and Peggy Lee would be 104. Pick your favourite and go to town. But first, check out the 430-plus albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week:



Acacian | Live At Polarizefest
Acetone | I’ve Enjoyed As Much of This As I Can Stand: Live At The Knitting Factory, NYC: May 31, 1998
Acidgvrl | The Mysteriious Liquid
Ado | Mirror
Adversarial | Solitude with the Eternal​.​.​.
Aespa | Armageddon
Al Dente | Multiform
Arooj Aftab | Night Reign
AK | Same Old Story Single
Alcatrazz | Rock Justice: Complete Recordings 1983-1986
The Alchemist | Black & Whites
Aleksandir | Hearth Songs
Leon Alvarado | The Changing Tide
Amber | Amber 25th Anniversary Edition
Amery | Continue As Amery
AmyReal | We Made Out At 6213 Balls Street Yesterday (Epic DJ Mix)
Suzi Analogue | Onez
Another Michael | Pick Me Up, Turn Me Upside Down
David Arcos | Vino En La Cama
De Arma | Synthwave Sessions Vol. 2
Ars Nova | Ars Nova Reissue
Árstíðir lífsins | Aldrlok
Artms |
Ye Ascoyne d’Ascoynes | Supersonic Shoes
Ateez | Golden Hour: Part 1
Atelier | Lights Toward The Exit
Tim Atlas | Enchanté
Audiojack | Play With My Mind
Aydra | Icon Of Sin Vinyl Reissue
Babe Report | Did You Get Better
Bad History Month | BH1
Bad Nerves | Still Nervous
Bad Omens – Concrete Jungle Soundtrack
Bag of Bones | No One Gets Saved
Hannah Bahng | The Abysmal EP
Jake Baldwin, Zacc Harris, Pete Hennig | Boundaries
Lay Bankz | After 7
DJ Barakiss | Secret Admirer Mix
Basher | May Day
Basile3 | 43​°​C
Bat For Lashes | The Dream Of Delphi
Bats & Mice | PS: Seriously
Jessie Baylin | Strawberry Wind Deluxe Edition
Bed Maker | Bed Maker
Ebba Bergkvist & The Flat Tire Band | Four Wings
Berzingue | Road Trip
Beteo | Free Agent
Peter Bibby | Drama King
Big Head Todd And The Monsters | Her Way Out
The Bird Calls | Old Faithful
Black Mare | Outsiders
Black Sabbath | Anno Domini 1989-1995
Black (W)hole | Kaleidoscopic Rhapsody
Natasha Blackwood | Love Songs For Good Machine
The Bogmen | In My Kingdom
Bonecarver | Unholy Dissolution
Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Nathan Salsburg & Tyler Trotter | Hear The Children Sing The Evidence
Boulderhead | I Need Space To Dance
BoyWithUke | Can You Feel It? Single
Braidyn | Same Page
The Brkn Record | The Architecture of Oppression Part 2
Broadcast | Distant Call: Collected Demos 2000​-​2006
Andrew Broder | Acceptance
Broken Head | The Morning Ends
Ron Browz | Rice And Beans
Buffalo Tom | Jump Rope
Bushido | König Für Immer
Bernard Butler | Good Grief
Cabaret Contemporain | Club Sensible
Kirin J Callinan | Can’t F*ck the F*cker
Cherie Camp | Love And Blood
Can | Live In Aston 1977
Brooke Candy | Pills
Laura Cannell | Ravenlore
Carcrasher | Live @ TikTok Rizz Party
Carmen | The Albums 1975-1975
Cassetter & The Lightning Kids | Somebody To Love
Lou-Adriane Cassidy | Le Roy, la Rose et le Lou​p
Joel Chadabe | Emergence
Chen | Door
Eric Chenaux Trio | Delights Of My Life
Chilldive | Chilldive Vol. 1
China Crisis | China Greatness
Chve | Kalvarie
Imogen Clark | The Art of Getting Through
Terri Clark | Terri Clark: Take Two
Clone | CL. 1
Nat King Cole | Live At The Blue Note Chicago
Anastasia Coope | Darning Woman
Mike Cooper & Jason Kolàr | Mauve​ /​ Pink
Cowboy Corker | In Light Of That Learnt Later
Cra-Z 88 | Return of The Crazy 88
Crimeapple | Bazuko
Crowded House | Gravity Stairs
Crowder | The Exile
Cutters | Psychic Injury
Datafreq | The Circuit Garden
​D4v1 | KYS (Broke) ft. d4riaz
Jesse Dayton | The Hard Way Blues
Delta Weapon | Rumble Fish
Le Destroy | Trashumanism
Destructors Club | Destructors Club Meet​s Scientist
Direct Threat | Endless Siege
Diss Gacha | Cultura Italiana Pt.1
Distants | LP
Leonardo DiVorcio | Leonardo DiVorcio
Dizraeli | Joy Machine
Tha Dogg Pound | W.A.W.G. (We All We Got)
Dune | Year Of Chains
Dusk | Industrie
Dave East & Mike & Keys | Apt 6E
Eat Your Own Head | The Trawler EP
Eld Fen | O’ Great Wurm
Elio | Something In The Air
Elisa Elisa | What About Me EP
Ellescriv | Wandering The Pine
Ifeanyi Elswith | Changeability
Emika | Haze
Enuff Z’nuff | The 1987 Demos
Erasure | Cowboy Deluxe Edition
Exodus | British Disaster: The Battle of ’89 Live At The Astoria
Family Tree | Family Tree
FBC | O Retorno É a Única Lei
Ezra Feinberg | Soft Power
Feller | Universal Miracle Worker EP
Fight The Fight | Shah of Time
Fin | Cleats
Final | What We Don’t See
Kelly Finnigan | Leave You Alone / Thom’s Hartbreak
The Flying Luttenbachers | Spectral Warrior Mythos 2
Fog | The Fly Circles The Drain As If It Were An Orchid Blooming
Jon Foreman | In Bloom
Four Stroke Baron | Data Diamond
Frequency | Alo!
Gina G | Fresh! Deluxe Edition
Gaffa Tape Sandy | Hold My Hand, God Damn It
Nicolas Gaunin | Wormhole
GB | Gusse Music
Gentle Ben And His Shimmering Hands | Brut
Ghost Division | DividEND
Ghostpoet | Am I The Change I Wish To See?
Gimmy | Things Look Different Now
The Gluts | Bang!
Gnod | Spot Land
Grain Of Pain | The Moon Lights The Way
Graywave | Dancing in the Dust
Boyce Justice Griffith | Tuning In
The Gringo Pistoleros | The Rise and… Subsequent Fall of the Texas Alien
Scott Guild | Plastic: The Album
Gurthang | Martyrium
Habibi | Dreamachine
Halan CC | The Dub
Halcyon Way | Night Crawling
Half Waif | Ephemeral Being
Jordan Hamilton | Project Freedom
Nathan Hanover Synthonic Orchestra | Just Roll With It: The Suckening Podcast Soundtrack
Haunted Plasma | !
Maya Hawke | Chaos Angel
Richard Hawley | In This City They Call You Love
Heisenherg | The Crab Part III: The Dan Fenton Parable
Hellbutcher | Hellbutcher
Helmet | Betty Vinyl Reissue
Keaton Henson | Somnambulant Cycles
Saioa Hernández | Il Verismo d’Oro
Rachel Hickey | The Eve of St. Agnes
High Desert Queen | Palm Reader
Winston Hightower | Winston Hytwr
Hild | The Slayeress
Becky Hill | Believe Me Now?
Hillside Outlaws | Here For The Whiskey Single
Kathy Hinde | Twittering Machines
L’Hiver Blanc | RayleighScattering
Jasper Høiby | 3Elements: Like Water
Hollow Ship | Animated Music EP
Homixide Gang | I5u5we5
The Hope Conspiracy | Tools of Oppression / Rule By Deception
House By The Cemetary | The Mortuary Hauntings
Chris Housman | Blueneck
Hrvy | Party In My Head
Brotha Lynch Hung | Season of The Siccness 2
Husk 2 | Minced Ideas
Ian | Valedictorian Deluxe
Idaho | Lapse
indecent insects | Moose / Meadow Live at Polarizefest
I-nichi | Mimiko EP
Iron Butterfly | Live at the Galaxy 1967
Tatyana Jane | Elixyr
Jinjer | Live in Los Angeles
Howard Jones | Dream Into Action (New Mixes)
Howard Jones | Human’s Lib (New Mixes)
Juno | Last Year Alive
MC Kahba | What To Kahba
Kingdom Of Mustang | Glad Days
King Hannah | Big Swimmer
Koffdrop | Flex Tape
Akira Kosemura & Lawrence English | Selene
Diana Krall | The Look of Love Reissue
Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys | A Human Home
Luka Kuplowsky | How Can I Possibly Sleep When There is Music
Kurupi | No Esperes
Theodora Laird & Caius Williams | Crosspiece
Sara Landry x Alt-8 | Heaven
Laraaji + Agnes Martian + Music For Connection + Hair And Space Museum | Coincidence
Cyndi Lauper | Let The Canary Sing
Leaether Strip | Æppreciation VII
Left End | Left End
Legallyrxx | Endle<3
Leigh-Anne | No Hard Feelings EP
Lena | Loyal To Myself
Laurie Lewis | Trees
Ewa Lodzik | Policjantka Single
Loscil | Umbel
Louvado Abismo | Louvado Abismo
Love Letters | Falling Star EP
Lowlives | Freaking Out
Lucius | Wildewoman (The New Recordings)
Madman | Lonewolf
The Mad Walls | Have You Heard The News?
Magdalena Bay | Death & Romance
Angelina Mango | Poké Melodrama
Britney Manson | I’m Sorry My Lovely Boy Single
Many Tiny Boxes | There’s Nothing New
Marc With A C | Half Serious, Half Kidding (The Soundtrack To The Documentary!)
The Marías | Submarine
Kameron Marlowe | Keepin’ The Lights On
Mau Y Ricky | Hotel Caracas
Drew McDowall | A Thread, Silvered and Trembling
Duff McKagan | Tenderness Live in Los Angeles
Bonnie McKee | Hot City
MeeeZ | Ice Queen
M83 | Fantasy Deluxe
Rəhman Məmmədli | Azerbaijani Gitara Vol. 2
M.I.T.A. | The Queen EP
Pedro Mizutani, Skinshape | Pensando Baixo
Dos Monos | Dos Atomos
Vetusta Morla | Figurantes
Saltatio Mortis | Finsterwacht
Mothica | The Reaper
Jon Muq | Flying Away
Crystal Murray | Sad Lovers And Giants
Myaap | Yop! EP
My Diligence | Death.Horses.Black
Mynameisntjmack | Mynameisnt
Napoleon | Dear God
Nasaan | Error 404
Nation Beat | Archaic Humans
Willie Nelson | The Border
Neoni | Gravity Single
Nestor | Teenage Rebel
Neutrals | New Town Dream
Nextu | R.I.P (Rest In Peace)
Nico | Desertshore Vinyl Reissue
Nico | The Marble Index Vinyl Reissue
Night Wilds | All That Should Have Been
Nightmares On Wax | Carboot Soul Deluxe Edition
Nightrage | Remains Of A Dead World
Nikitch & Alexis Moutzouris | II
No Future | Mirror
No Mana | I Contain Flashing Images
NøtInVain | Tarpit
Cora Novoa | LFOs & Creatures
Nthng | I’d Love To Fly
Alicia and Michael Olatuja | Olatuja
Odesza | The Last Goodbye Tour Live
Of All Living Things | Cold Plunge
Olatuja | Olatuja
The Omega Swarm | Crimson Demise
Only The Poets | One More Night
Rita Ora | Ask & You Shall Receive
The Other Two | The Other Two & You Reissue
Outblinker | Outblinker
Ox33n | Expensive Remastered
Ox33n | The World Destroys Me and I’m Tired Of It
Parfaxitas | Weaver Of The Black Moon
Pastel*Palettes | Irotoridori
Pedal Steel Noah | Texas Madness EP
DJ Perception | Forever E​P
Perfect Sky | Hunting Demons
Pezz | Watoosh!
Anthony Phillips | Private Parts & Pieces XII: The Golden Hour
David Picco | Until Now
Ben Platt | Honeymind
+/- (Plus/Minus) | Further Afield
Pond | So Lo
Portishead | Live 1998: Sour Times / Roads
Priest | Dark Pulse
Prinz Grizzley | Dear Leftovers
Psychic Temple | Doggie Paddlin’ Thru The Cosmic Consciousness
Psychotic Waltz | A Social Grace Reissue
Psychotic Waltz | Bleeding Reissue
Pttrnrcrrnt | Waves
The Pull of Autumn | Memory Tree
Punkband | Club Banger 63
Quietus | Volume Six
Stevie R & Parisinos | Egal feat. Ellivia (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)
Radial Gaze, Pyrame | Voodooridoo
Rad Owl | Rage Gracefully
Rafiki | Anand Mahal
Raised on TV | Make Time To Make Time
Ariadne Randall | Her Water Dream / Image of a Blue Thumbs​-​Up
The Rascals | It’s Wonderful: The Complete Atlantic Studio Recordings
Ratt | Rarities
Gwenifer Raymond | Live at Moth Club
Re6ce | A Grey Europe
Finn Rees | Dawn Is A Melody
Reliqa | Secrets Of The Future
R.E.M. | Fables of the Reconstruction Vinyl Reissue
Repion | Entre Todas Lo Arreglamos
Rhapsody of Fire | Challenge the Wind
Riell | 8 Years Old Single
Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin | Brasil
Lau Ro | Cabana
The Rolling People | Before It’s Gone
Martha Rose | Close to Close
Mikel Rouse | Language Barrier
R.J. Roze | On Mondays I’m Off
Rubblebucket | Stella The Begonia
Rvfv | El Tiburón
RXKNephew | Till I’m Dead 2
The Salsoul Orchestra | It’s Good for the Soul: The Vince Montana Years (1975-1978)
Saltpig | Saltpig
Sam Jr. | Inner Shadow
Saquam | Obsession
Saygrace | Deep Rest
Say Now | B*tch Get Out My Car
Pablo Say | Reflections EP
SB81 | B292: Album Part 2
Lisa Ann Schoenberg | Old Growth Playback
School | N.S.M.L.Y.D. (Nothing Satisfies Me Like You Do) Single
Marjana Semkina | Sirin
Shaboozey | Where I’ve Been, Isn’t Where I’m Going
Shakatak | Manic & Cool + Down On The Street
Alexei Shishkin | Open Door Policy
Shrapnel | In Gravity
Sig:Ar:Tyr | Citadel Of Stars
Silver Convention | Get Up & Boogie: The Worldwide Singles
Skwirl | Legs Akimbo
Sky Dreamers | The Pilot
Slash Fiction | We’ll Hold This Line Until Hell Freezes Over
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club | Kinnerny of Lupercalia: Buell Legion
Snow Patrol | The Beginning
Soft Machine | H​ø​vikodden 1971
Somnisonic | Quantum
Sxrrxwland | Anima Macchina
Sparkle*Jets U.K. | Box Of Letters Single Mix
The Spatulas | Beehive Mind
Speedmaster | Night Vision
The Spellbinder Project | Spell Check Vol. 2 EP
Ayra Starr | The Year I Turned 21
Ringo Starr | Crooked Boy Vinyl
Dodie Stevens | Pink Shoelaces: The Singles & Albums Collection 1959-62
Stonus | Live in Zen
Stygian Hollow | Fortrose
Suho | 점선면 (1 to 3)
Super American | Gangster Of Love
Supermodel Taxidermy | At What Cost
Norman Swag | Why U Like Dis?
Swampbeast | Offering Of Chaos, Lamenting In The Blood of Man
Swamp Dogg | Blackgrass: From West Virginia to 125th St
Szary | Datei
Kaidi Tatham | Fusion Moves: The Instrumentals
The Telescopes | Radio Sessions (2016​-​2019)
Jimi Tenor with Cold Diamond & Mink | Gaia Sunset Single
Jimi Tenor with Cold Diamond & Mink | Is There Love In Outer Space?
William Thomson | Lighthouse
Richard Thompson | Ship To Shore
Thou | Umbilical
3Elements | Like Water
Lila Tirando a Violeta, Sin Maldita | Accelarated
Anna Tivel | Living Thing
Austin Tolliver | Bad 4 U
Joey Trap | Still Want
Trapt | The Fall
Treasure | King Kong
Tremeloes | Master
Tributary | Only Living Can Save Us
The Troops Of Doom | A Mass To The Grotesque
Alix Tucou | Music on Canvas
Turnabout | Mortem Solis
Tuv | Babydoll
25-ji, Nightcord De. | Engeki / 25-ji no Jounetsu
André Uhl | Every Step Causes a Crack
Uncivilized Girls Memory / Wolf Creek | Angelic Conversation
Unessential Oils | Unessential Oils
Wolfgang Valbrun | Flawed By Design
Valerian Swing | Liminal
Various Artists | Dear Ghod
Various Artists | Didn’t I Blow Your Mind? Thom Bell: The Sound of Philadelphia Soul 1969-1983
Various Artists | From Where I Stand: The Black Experience in Country Music
Various Artists | Illinoise: A New Musical Original Cast Recording
Various Artists | JEM Records Celebrates Jagger & Richards
Various Artists | Long Distance Love: A Sweet Relief Tribute to Lowell George Vinyl
Various Artists | No Songs Tomorrow: Darkwave, Ethereal Rock And Coldwave 1981-1990
Various Artists | The Pals
Various Artists | Petty Country: A Country Music Celebration Of Tom Petty
Various Artists | Jon Savage’s The Secret Public: How the LGBTQ+ Aesthetic Shaped Pop Culture 1955-1979
Various Artists | The Ultimate Classic Radio Collection
Alan Vega | Insurrection
Verzauber | Frankincense & Vitriol
Vessels Of Their Cvlt | Impact Font Bottom Text
Vicolo Inferno | Circles
Vios | SlaveForm
Sammy Volkov | & Dana Wylie | The Day Had To Come
Nichole Wagner | Plastic Flowers
Tom Walker | I Am
Waterfire | Possible
Ruby Waters | What’s The Point
Georgie Webster | Signs
Orlando Weeks | Loja
What We Don’t See | Final
Whoredom Rife | Den Vrede Makt
Tobias Wilden | A Path to Open Air II
Wild Honey Collective | The Wild Honey Collective Volume 3
Wilhaeven | Infinite Jest
Annie Williams | Visitor
Winnetka Bowling League | Sha La La
The Woggles | Time Has Come
Ben Wolfe | Caravan
Richard Wolfhouse | Percussion Edits Vol. 1
Wonderful Beasts | Magic & Myth
Workers Comp | Workers Comp
Wormwood | The Star
Wraz. | Foul EP
Xzeannoonn | A glimmer Of Light
Yorushika ヨルシカ | Rubato
Young Acid | Murder At Maple Mountains
Yves | Loop
Drips Zacheer & Soulvibe Cuts | Meltemi
Zell4z | Fry My Eyes, Moonlight
Zenana | Witches
Zolita | Queen of Hearts
John Zorn | Love Songs Live