Weekend Mixtape (Side 10) | 179 Songs To Bury You Alive Until Monday

Today was not a Bandcamp Friday. But based on more than a few of the 500-plus emails I waded through, a lot of musicians were under the mistaken impression it was. So in addition to the regular tsunami of new titles that arrive every Friday, I got so many extra singles and videos that there was no hope of doing anything but stringing all 179 of them together into a mixtape. On the plus side, virtually every submission got in today. Enjoy. But pace yourself. It’s gonna be a long haul:


136 | Jared Grabb | Jimmy Paid The Price

137 | Who? What? When? Why? & Werewolves? | Quittin’

138 | Aoife O’Donovan | Love Song To A Stranger

139 | Jeremy Garrett | I’m Not The Enemy (ft. Jon Stickley)

140 | Prokop | Train Is Coming

141 | Creature Comfort | Light Boy (New Hue)

142 | John Jenkins | Kathleen

143 | Ginesse | Gatorade

144+145 | Collapsing Scenery | The Grey Cardinal (Cold Cave & Ryan Ross Remixes)

146 | The Haggis Horns | Give It Up (Don’t Take Part In The Madness) [Abstract Orchestra Remix]

147 | Bootblacks | Nostalgia Void (KANGA Remix)

148+149 | Oliver Koletzki | Made Of Cashmere + Serpiente Del Ritmo

150 | Hannah Slavin | I Don’t Have A Clue (Remix)