Farsight | Solace: Exclusive Video Premiere

The New York metalcore brigade unleash a preview of their upcoming Exhumed EP.

Farsight seek Solace but find only punishment in their crushing new single and video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

“Solace is about pouring your heart and soul into something, causing you nothing but pain at the end of the day — a metaphor for the music scene,” the Long Island, New York metalcore outfit explain. “In the viscous hole symbolizing the music scene, it seems one by one people tend to choke under pressure and fail, or give up and live in regret. Wanting to be a professional musician is a lifelong dream for many. Most musicians have a time in their life where they look in the mirror to doubt everything about their music and if it’s even worth it. That’s what the chorus is: Looking in the mirror and having an internal back and forth, trying to figure out what it takes to feel alive.”

Produced by Tom Flynn, the Solace video’s high-velocity shots artistically mend with the raw brutal sound of Farsight. Delivering heavy breakdowns, aggressive rhythms and melodically driving guitars, Solace will get you ready for the pit. And for their upcoming EP Exhume, arriving March 26. Influenced by heavy hitters of the industry like Periphery, Northlane, Architects, Knocked Loose, Dealer and Varials, the rest of the five-track disc will deliver Farsight’s aggressive sound to the hardcore scene with unstoppable sonic force.

Founding members Matt “Fish” Fischetti (guitar / production), Dylan (bass) and Devon Dijan (guitar) have been working on music together since their high school years. With the more recent inclusion of Johnny Kaiser (drums) in 2017 and Anthony Villani (vocals) a year later, Farsight have forged a harmoniously brutal sound that crosses hardcore, metal, punk and more. “Creating music for me is a place of freedom and pure enjoyment,” Kaiser says. “I like to think the rest of the band and I create music to express ourselves in the rawest form possible. It is that love for music that drives me to keep playing for the entertainment of myself and others.”

Check out Solace above, and keep up with Farsight on their website, Instagram and Facebook.