Indie Roundup (No Quarter Edition) | 24 Tunes For Your Midweek

Peel, Chuck Prophet, Extrema and more make for a wonderful Wednesday.

Peel introduce you to Dougie Ramone, Chuck Prophet gets tricky with Dicky, Extrema get ripped, The Gooms deliver a garland, Vile Creature are sleep deprived (or possibly depraved) and more in today’s Roundup. By coincidence, two different artists sent me two different tunes called The One. I’ll let you decide which one is really THE one.


1 | Peel | Ballad of Dougie Ramone

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Chicago band Peel just released their fourth album, No Pain, on April 20. It is their fastest and hardest-hitting release to date, with lightning guitar and bass licks, frantic crashing drums, and lyrics mixing darkness, humor, and party vibes. The strong melodies and harmonies cut through the chaos to form a high-speed, catchy, darkly humorous insight into the warped brains of the purveyors of No Pain. Live shows feature ear-splitting volume, hurtling bodies, blistering solos, screams, fog machines, flying cassettes and picks, and the occasional fireworks. Today Peel share a new video for their track Ballad of Dougie Ramone.”

2 | Chuck Prophet | Nixonland

THE PRESS RELEASE:Chuck Prophet shares Nixonland, the third single from the San Francisco musician’s forthcoming record The Land That Time Forgot, set for an Aug. 21 release. “My family did used to go to San Clemente on vacation,” says Prophet. “Camping there under the stars. Hunting for grunion at night under a full moon. Grunion hunting is a trip and a half. Running along the shore at midnight under a full moon with a bucket. You can see the waves glitter and sparkle with these silvery little fish as they wash up on the sand. I remember a Secret Service guy stopped us as we were running along the shore. I looked up and could see it, high on a cliff: Nixon’s “Western White House.” I also remember a field trip in fourth grade to a place in La Habra, California that had a plaque that read something like, “This was once the site of Richard Nixon’s first law office.” Yes, yes, your tax dollars hard at work. He was everywhere! I actually looked that up. Googled it. Afraid that I may have dreamed that up. It’s true. It happened. The building is now gone but they took some bricks from it and the plaque is still there.”


3 | Extrema | The Ripper

THE PRESS RELEASE: “During their studio sessions for their latest album Headbanging Forever, Italian groove thrash metallers Extrema recorded a cover version of Judas Priest’s The Ripper. Today, the band are  sharing their video for that cover. With their home country of Italy hit hard by the Covid 19 pandemic, Extrema will be donating all profits from downloads and streams to Italian Civil Protection. “Our cover of The Ripper was originally conceived as a bonus track of Headbanging Forever for the Japanese market. As we did not find the sought license in Japan, the song was closed in a drawer. To me, Coronavirus is like Jack the Knife hitting you from behind, so I felt the need to release the song as a digital single.”

4 | The Gooms | I’m Judy Garland

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Los Angeles-based indie rock quartet The Gooms have announced the release of their debut full-length album Laugh. on July 24. Today, the band shared their new song and video, I’m Judy Garland. “On-screen, Judy Garland is known as a source of happiness and hope, while her off-screen life is painted more as a tragic picture,” the band says. “This song is not about Judy Garland, but rather the feeling of pushing through your own misadvenutres while still trying to be that light for someone else.” The video flips through TV channels that include mood-based color filters and portrays life as a manic mixture of innocence, beauty, self-hatred, destruction, and happiness.”

5 | Vile Creature | You Who Has Never Slept

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Doom metal experimentalists Vile Creature have premiered the video for the first single to be taken from their upcoming album. You Who Has Never Slept is taken from their new LP, titled Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! which will be released on June 19. Of the video, the band comment: “Raissa and Dave are two wonderful people we met working our food truck, they knew we played music and offered to help us with a music video one day. Fast forward a few years and we were finally able to take them up on their generous offer. We rented out a theatre in small town Ontario for a day with a bunch of friends, and crafted this vision for the song. All of it was held together by the amazing work of Anita who starred in and choreographed the video. We were inspired by psychological and abstract horror films, most obviously Susprira. We wanted to craft a linear narrative that still kept you wondering and interested — our songs are long enough that any music video is really a short film.”

6 | Radian | Not Dying

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Akron doom/sludge metal dealers Radian are pleased to unveil their latest video for Not Dying. Created by David Brenner, the track comes by way of the band’s debut released earlier this year. Like matter in space knows no gravity; like the thunder above that shakes the Earth below, Radian exists unbound, at once gargantuan sounding and unsettling, delivering relentless, hardcore-infused doom sludge.”

7 | Joel Christian | Rise From the Grave

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Los Angeles electronic-pop artist Joel Christian is emerging as the LGBTQ community’s next artist to watch with his newest music video Rise From The Grave. Joel Christian is using his platform to create a dark-pop musical escape for those that need it. Rise From The Grave is a song written about the fear and anxiety that tries to weigh us down and bury us alive. “I wanted to write a song and create a music video that captured the battle between yourself and your emotional fear,” says Joel. Taking place in a boxing arena, the video shows Joel battling with his own anxieties and fears as a creative artist, showcasing both his flamboyant energy as a performance artist and the more aggressive, fearlessly ready to fight side — symbolizing that even some of the most aggressive places can breathe creativity and vulnerability.”

8 | Paralysis | Cut Short

THE PRESS RELEASE:Cut Short is the latest video from New Jersey-based crossover thrash merchants Paralysis. The latest banger comes off the band’s Mob Justice full-length, set for release on May 29. Notes bassist Patrick Harte, “Musically, I wanted the song to be one where it starts off at full speed right off the bat and doesn’t break down until the very end. We channeled both the speed and intensity of the Bay Area thrash style, and some mid-tempo back beat groove metal style for the last section of the song.”

9 | Sleep In. | Radiation

THE PRESS RELEASE: “South Jersey sweethearts Sleep In. are back with a brand new single and music video. Last year Sleep In. released their album The Stars on Your Ceiling, which found the band combining their love for ’90s alternative with mid-west emo. Their new single Radiation takes its time to wash over the listener with lush guitars, beautiful harmonies, and banjo picking for good measure. The track is accompanied by a video featuring archival military footage that was edited by drummer Mike Dameo. “This song was written and recorded in the first few weeks of the national quarantine. With way too much time on our hands and home studios at the ready, it made it easy to keep creative even in these crazy times. At first it was supposed to be a demo, but we liked it so much we decided to clean it up and put it out ASAP. It seems like this is gonna be the future of the music industry at least for a while, so we decided to fully embrace it.”

10 | The Blaze Velluto Collection | Love You Black

THE PRESS RELEASE: “A few months after unveiling a new song and video, Fish Mountain Part II, Quebec City’s The Blaze Velluto Collection return with Love You Black, the second single off the group’s sophomore album, which is slated for release later this year. On Love You Black, Velluto combine vibrant string arrangements with the exotic sounds of the erhu (a traditional Chinese instrument with two strings and a sound box) and the balalaika (a three-stringed Russian guitar with a characteristic triangular body) to reflect the song’s theme of diversity. The track arrives with an alluring music video, directed by Micheal Japan, that was filmed using a Krasnogorsk-3 (a Russian, hand-cranked 16 mm camera). It features captivating black-and-white images imbued with expressionist art film flair.”

11 | Felixity | Twisted Love

THE PRESS RELEASE:Amy Winehouse-inspired pop/neo-soul artist Felixity releases her debut album Love Sick on May 1. The latest single Twisted Love also gets a swank powerhouse video featuring (and jointly choreographed by) Felixity herself with dancer Joshua Jung. “On the whole, Love Sick is a full stop on a part of my life. Written about personal experiences and laid over heavy drums and lots of strings, I wanted people to know that we all feel the same things and the hardest stuff never lasts. I wrote this about my past and the things that have happened. Sex, drugs love and addiction, it’s all in there.”

12 | New Fries | Ploce

THE PRESS RELEASE:New Fries have never been interested in being a band. Yet, the Toronto-based experimental No-Wave inspired band have become one of the best kept secrets in the city, with New Fries gaining legendary status for their unconventional, ever-changing sound, and their rapturous live show. Is The Idea Of Us, out Aug. 7, is the band’s first new material since 2016’s More, which saw the band team up with Holy Fuck’s Graham Walsh. Today, to announce their new LP, they are sharing the single Ploce. On the new track, the band explained, “Ploce is the name of Tim’s fish who passed away — the figure of speech (not the place in Croatia). It refers to words repeated for emphasis. On the internet some examples provided are: “I am stuck on Band-Aid, and Band-Aid’s stuck on me” and “First she ruins my life. And then she ruins my life!”.”

13 | Molina | Hey Kids

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Evoking the surreal, spacy nostalgia of (perhaps) an extra-dimensional nightclub crossed with an 80’s prom night photoshoot, Molina’s new live session of Hey Kids is invading Earth this Wednesday. Just as she melds genres in her alternative synth-pop universe, Molina blurs the lines in this arty session between fact and fiction. With other-worldly ambience and the juxtaposition of multiple takes, the session comes across as a visual-art/live session hybrid, raising questions of what is live and what is dreamt.”

14 | Glades | Vertigo

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Australian trio Glades released their new single, Vertigo, the first taste from their highly anticipated sophomore album due out later in 2020. “Vertigo is a warning to a friend who’s trying to pursue someone who’s emotionally unavailable and has a history of breaking hearts,” says frontwoman Karina Savage. Savage and multi-instrumentalists Cam Robertson and Joey Wenceslao are ready to take a bold leap forward with their new material. Vertigo, a woozy, experimental, and explosive pop song, shows genuine growth for this young trio. “We knew Vertigo had to be the first single from our next record because it feels like such a shock,” says Wenceslao. “It feels very different from what we have done before.”

15 | Big Thief | Love In Mine

THE PRESS RELEASE:Big Thief release a standalone track, Love In Mine. The song, an outtake from the recording sessions of 2019’s acclaimed Two Hands, originally appeared as a b-side of a 7” mailed to fans ahead of the Two Hands announcement. It follows their recently released EP Demos Vol. 1 – Topanga Canyon, CA – Feb 2018, which benefits Big Thief’s road crew, and 2019 albums Two Hands and U.F.O.F. Love In Mine shuffles with delicate finger pickings, soft percussion, and a tender, hushed voice. As the track ends, the band’s multiple voices blend together into a gentle invocation: “Whatever comes // When it calls // Whatever leaves.”

16 | Koretsky | The One

THE PRESS RELEASE: “This release is my way to start looking ahead, and rejoin the world in a way that helps me feel more hopeful about the future,” says multi-instrumentalist and producer, Olé Koretsky about his latest foray into music, which includes his new single and video The One. Released under his band name Koretsky, the alternative music tome who calls the song “a hauntingly atmospheric opening track, while sombre, dark, and on the surface, acidly cynical, has an innate catharsis showcasing both strength of heart and resolve in spirit.”

17 | Commonwealth Choir | Light

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Philadelphia’s Commonwealth Choir have will release the EP No End on June 19. A new track Light is now streaming online. Commonwealth Choir is constantly searching for the space between light & dark … somewhere to crack a smile while the storm rages on. What began as a folk-rock project loosely stemming from the likes of AA Bondy & Rocky Votolato, rough iPhone demos quickly attracted a mountain of influences as the band’s lineup took shape in late 2011. Pop-punk influences like Saves The Day & Brand New collided with formative behemoths such as Elvis Costello & Tom Petty — all while holding the power of simple storytelling above all else.”

18 | Joan As Police Woman | Under Control

THE PRESS RELEASE:Joan As Police Woman will release her new Cover Two album this Friday, May 1. She is joined by a variety of friends and influences on the stunning second covers collection, including Meshell Ndegeocello and Thomas Bartlett (Doveman). Her new Under Control (The Strokes) single is a soulful, classic R&B reimagination of the punky era-spanning original, featuring Jacob Silver (Lee Fields) and Parker Kindred (Jeff Buckley).”

19 | Starpainter | Wild Azaleas

THE PRESS RELEASE:Starpainter exists in the carved-out spaces between rock, country, and pop. Their upcoming debut record is representative of a modern era of alt-country: a two-step here, a ballad there, a radio-worthy chorus in between. On this release, they have constructed a narrative of beauty, love, fear, and loss without seeming either too sweet or sorrowful. The band recently released new single Wild Azaleas, a rhythmic roots-rock track with twangy guitars and nostalgic melodies.”

20 | Lycio | Somebody

THE PRESS RELEASE: “UK alt-pop trio Lycio have announced the release of their next single Somebody. With a focus on championing females in music, Birmingham-based Lycio take an egalitarian view of how their music is developed, allowing for an exciting, collaborative and democratic writing process. Speaking of Somebody, Genie Mendez tells us, “I actually thought I’d try a different lyrical approach with this song. I’m rarely one to write about romance and our songs are usually entangled with expressions of my own mental health. So to have such a lyrically open chorus where I’m so clearly talking about unrequited love is definitely a first for us. Although I’ve still kept the verses dark and mysterious, this song is definitely about wanting someone so bad but them not quite wanting you back. Then you get this really catchy chorus, and I did want it to be as catchy as a Jess Glynne or Fickle Friends track, ‘cause they’re really good at grabbing the listener like that.”

21 | Jet Jaguar | The One

THE PRESS RELEASE: “After bursting out of the gates with their first exhilarant single and video for Anvil, New Jersey pop-rock band Jet Jaguar deliver a brand new charismatic, heart-break tinged song The One. The song looks into the failure of a past relationship that felt like the be-all-end-all, the last first kiss, the person who was supposed to be “the one”. In this new single, Jet Jaguar explore a familiar feeling of heartbreak and vulnerability that pairs perfectly with Pete Zen’s soft, pleasant vocals and charming lyrics. Along with upbeat, clean guitars and pop rhythms, Jet Jaguar’s The One is a windows-down pop-rock jam perfect for a summer road trip. “The One is a song that dives into the topic of an on and off-again relationship, and how sometimes things just don’t work out.” says Pete Zen on the single.”

22 | Aroshanti | Blissful Night’s Sleep

THE PRESS RELEASE:Aroshanti is the pen name used by composer Nick Truch for his relaxation and healing genre of music. The name Aroshanti originates from two words: Roshan, an Arabic word meaning bright or shining, and Shanti, a Sanskrit word used in the sacred languages of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism meaning a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace. Together these words make Aroshanti – ‘a bright inner peace that shines through your spirit.’ Aroshanti’s music is characterised by waves of harmonies, rhythmical melodies and all things that resonate. Influenced by many genres, instruments and styles of music all these different forms of resonance can be heard in his music. Key signatures of the music includes: Atmospheric soundscapes, Deep and stirring textures, Interwoven and grounding melodies + harmonies and Ethnic influences in instruments and rhythm.”

23 | Riz La Vie | She Said

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Lebanese-American rapper/singer Riz La Vie has released his latest single She Said and announced a new release date for his upcoming EP, Feed. on June 4L. Riz weaves different storylines through She Said, but ultimately it is a song about the spoken word — what it means to say something, the effect those words may have on yourself and others, and their ability to deepen your appreciation for those around you. “This has been shown to me time and time again by the female influences in my life,” says Riz.”

24 | Fenne Lily | To Be A Woman Pt. 2

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Bristol musician Fenne Lily releases a new standalone single, To Be A Woman Pt. 2. It bounds with restlessness, an urge to start anew. Over a pacing drum beat and angsty, driving arpeggios, she maps the sound of knowing you’re in the wrong company. Throughout, Fenne inverts her more-often straightforward confessional style. Now the heartbreak is a background to her own internal monologue, advising against the pitfalls of her past. “Usually when writing about rage, most of the initial anger I feel towards the person or situation becomes diluted through the recording process, but this song was different. To Be a Woman Pt. 2 is a call to arms,” says Fenne. “It’s raw and furious, coming from a place of frustration and pain born from a loss of control and a breach of trust. The result of a manipulative relationship, it’s both a retaliation against subordination and a reclamation of power.”

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