Low Cut Connie Tops Today’s Album Announcements

The Philadelphia bar-room brigade share a preview of October's Private Lives.

This might not actually be news. But it’s news to me, so what the hell. I happened to notice over the weekend that the dependable Low Cut Connie have a new album titled Private Lives due out in October. By happenstance, they also dropped the new preview track What Has Happened To Me, a bluesy, boozy and woozy gem that definitely bodes well for the album. Of course, the Philadelphia bar-room brigade ain’t the only ones with a new album on the way. Scroll down to check out the rest of the new additions to the roster — including expanded reissues from Anthrax and In Flames, along with a new electronica/rap album from Tommy Lee that’s sure to piss off absolutely everyone (based on the reaction to the videos below). And don’t forget to flip over to the Upcoming Releases page to get all the news that fits.


June 19

Rise of the Northstar | Live in Paris EP

June 26

Grizzly Coast | Party Of One EP
Mammal Hands | Chaser / Prism
Nick Marsh | Waltzing Bones
Unborn Suffer | Commit(ment To) Suicide
Yard Arms | Sanctuary Lines EP

July 3

Gramma Vedetta | A.C.I.D. Compliant
Paul Weller | On Sunset

July 10

Silver Scrolls | Music For Walks

July 17

Alice Ivy | Don’t Sleep
Väki | Kuolleen Maan Omaksi

July 24

Ahtme | Mephitic
The Duprees | The Coed Singles
The Rivieras | The Coed Singles

July 31

The Crests | The Best of the Crests featuring Johnny Mastro: 16 Fabulous Hits

August 7

Helvetia | This Devastating Map
Jobs | Endless Birthdays
Stillbirth | Revive The Throne
Terminal Nation | Holocene Extinction
Adam Wade | The Coed Albums: And Then Came Adam/Adam and Evening
Year of the Knife | Internal Incarceration

August 21

Anthrax | Persistence of Time 30th Anniversary Edition
Callum Easter | Green Door Sessions
Imogen | Making Of Me EP

August 28

In Flames | Clayman 20th Anniversary Edition

September 4

All Them Witches | Nothing As The Ideal
Oceans of Slumber | Oceans of Slumber
Grant Lee Phillips | Lightning, Show Us Your Stuff
Watertank | Silent Running

October 16

Tommy Lee | Andro
Low Cut Connie | Private Lives