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People Of The Sun Shine On Last Day Of Summer EP

The diverse Regina octet's debut disc was spontaneously cut in one night.


People Of The Sun party like it’s the Last Day Of Summer on their new EP — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Like all the best parties, the diverse Regina octet came together spontaneously. Stuck at home and feeling a creative flash, Juno-winning guitarist Erik Mehlsen called on fellow Regina artists — Indigenous MC Info Red, Pakistani-born MC and producer Origin of Spin, Nigerian-born singer-songwriters Nini Jegz and Adeoluwa, and local keyboardist Ethan Reoch, drummer Cyprian Henry and bassist Rob Lane — to create the country’s newest and most diverse acts.

“I thought, ‘Rarely are we all home and idle,’ and that it was a good time to build a dream band,” Mehlsen says. “There were a bunch of musicians I had always admired who were now, because of this circumstance, fresh out of work. The plan was to make six songs in one shot. When I was setting the session up, I knew it was going to be a long, hard night, and no one else really knew what I was planning. But they trusted me, and they all really delivered. So much respect was born in that moment.

“Even though the record probably could’ve been more ‘perfect’ if we had recorded it in the studio, we made it live off the floor because it properly shows a group of people from different backgrounds working together. We all have different backgrounds, but live in the same city,” he continues. “And once you make something together, you have a friend for life. People can feel the real love when they hear this music.”

Check out Last Day Of Summer and videos for The Lick and Expectations below, and follow People Of The Sun on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.