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Noise-Pop Rockers STAR Explode On Sophomore Album Violence Against STAR

Journey to a world of sweetly propulsive star-crunch on the trio's searing set.

STAR deliver a big bang on their sophomore offering Violence Against STAR — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

STAR formed in Chicago’s dark dreamy noise-pop rock scene, with Theodore Beck (Gun Creeps) on bass/beats/guitars/mixing, Scott Cortez (Astrobrite and Lovesliescrushing) on guitars/bass and Shannon Roberts (Future Silence, Gun Creeps) providing vocals/lyrics. They make three-minute pop songs born out of a contradiction of styles and a large range of influences — including ’80s horror and cult movies, Brian Eno, Bjork, My Bloody Valentine, ’60s girl groups, Yoko Ono, Outrageous Cherry, David Lynch, New Order, Depeche Mode, GBV, Bob Dylan, Star Wars and The Raincoats.

Sadly, Ted passed away on the day that the STAR album was released, Friday Oct. 23. Says Shannon: “It is with great regret that I have to announce the death of my favorite guitarist and bassist and wonderful husband – Theodore Beck. STAR truly would not have been a band for more than an hour without him. After getting diagnosed with cancer Ted spent hours upon hours rerecording parts and mixing this album just so he could add it to his finished pile. In all the years I knew him I was always in awe of his many talents and how easy he was to be around. I am forever grateful to have met him in jr. high school and to have shared so many epic moments with him over the years. It was impossible for me to write a song about Ted without telling him I loved him in it. Teenage Races is about us going to the lake and him teaching me to drive as teenagers and about how he always cheered me on whenever I’d get my revenge on someone. He could never ever hold a grudge unless it was against someone who had wronged me.”

Check out Violence Against STAR below and learn more about STAR on Facebook.